Will there be other organizations like Ultratech?

Ultratech’s been like the no. 1 corporation with various experiments.

But if they did sequels for Killer Instinct, will we expect more corporations to join in to take down Ultratech?

Perhaps something like Umbrella?

A rival corporation that is. Their main job is to secretly steal some of UltraTech’s resources and use it to create far more advanced products surpassing that of UltraTech’s.

They did name drop another corporation in Cinder’s bio, so it is possible, but ARIA is played up to be THE AI. ARIA has “projection models” that encompass a lot that we don’t know about, so unless there is another corporate entity that stand up to her intellect, I don’t think they have much of a chance.

Edit: never mind, they didn’t name drop another company, they name dropped a front name for another Ultratech subsidiary.

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There would have to be some kind of mind to rival ARIA for there to be a rival company worth considdering. Think about it, even the government couldn’t mess with ultra tech, when Orchid actually found some dirt on them, all of her superiors were assassinated.

I would expect other threats, but maybe not all being huge evil corporations. Maybe one other huge evil company (Megacorp for my R&C fans lol)

I think a massive cult/secret society or something would be cool as another world wide threat to the KI universe. Maybe after the defeat of Gargos the cult see an opportunity and use black magic to summon who it is they worship :wink: Here is a hint…All Seeing EYE lol

No need for it, there won’t be a new Shadaloo around ever, they just get from the main stage some times.

A new corporation would be nice, if its council members would be fighters too.

I would rather UltraTech is the only mega-corporation focused on in KI, however, that doesn’t mean there can’t be new threats unrelated to UltraTech. Take Gargos, for example. He doesn’t really have anything to do with UltraTech, other than ARIA is preparing to fight him.


Didn’t Street Fighter kind of already do that?

There is only one true path. ULTRATECH!!! Everything else…pales in comparison.

But Ig could throw in another corporation or something. Will it be as good as UT and ARIA? I have high doubts on that. But that doesn’t mean that another one couldn’t surface could play a small role. I mean, another could try and rival them, will they succeed? Maybe, but seeing as how competent ARIA is and that she’s basically soundwave (eyes and ears of the world here) I’m not expecting a whole lot.

Shadow Lords, eh?

I hope not, Ultratech is something unique in the KI universe. Its one of the major factions. It would be like trying to add in another set of monsters attempting to invade Earth from another dimension like Gargos and the Shadow Lords.

Well you could add in another corporation, I don’t see the problem. Make them try and upsurp UT, whether or not they succeed…who knows. I for one would love to see someone try and takeover UT while ARIA is around. Would make for some good humour.

I’d rather see original ideas for factions, like the vampire coven than rehashing existing ideas.

Well if the vampire coven is destroyed by the end of KI then I’m 99% certain they will make a more major appearance in KI2.



…Kappa (pls don’t drop KI Microsoft!!! :cry:)

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Well you jinxed it now. But that’s ok, we can always play punch fighter on the…what was it called? punchbox?

Since Killer Instinct was by Microsoft.

For companies like Sony & Apple, wonder if they’ll make other companies like Ultratech based on those?

Walmart’s resurgence