Will the shadow lords story, be fleshed out?

Was wondering if the characters are going to be moving and gesturing, or is it just going to be stills, of the character model’s poses, while the camera zooms around? I figure if SFV can go from a story mode of what looks like an eight year old’s drawings, to this big four hour movie, Maybe KI has something bigger as well.

I don’t think we will be getting something of that quality…although man that would be so ■■■■■■■ amazing with KI’s incredible cast.


“Sabeurwolf what are you trying to say? EERRRFF!! EERRRFFF!!! ERRFF!!”


I doubt it but it would be cool. It just that (again) we don’t have the budget.


You know, after reading novella and seeing how crappy SF5 story mode was, I would be happy with just some dialogues in forms of text for a story.


I honestly think it’ll be similar to the campaign mode in Soul Calibur 2. Text intros for every fight/encounter explaining what’s going on, and if we’re lucky a picture here or there and maybe (Maybe… Iiiiii don’t know…) a cutscene at the beginning similar to the the story cutscenes in season 2.

Would I want to see a story mode with high production values and CGI cutscenes? Heck yes! Do I expect that to be a reality? No… and I’m fine with that.

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I wouldn’t expect that in this game, but man a KI game in the future with SFV/MKX story mode would be amazing. I was really impressed with SFV’s, I have already played through it twice lol

Just imagine how good it would be. The extended back stories and novella chapters have shown just how great these guys are at telling an interesting, deep story so them making a story mode like that would be so good.


Just wanted something at least DOA5 story. lol. I did find Kim Wu scenes from Shadow Lords, and yeah, it’s just like the other story

To be fair, did you really think it would have that kind of DOA/MKX level of story in such a short amount of time and budget? If you did then, no offence, you were kind setting yourself up for disappointment there.

They never gave details when they started working on the story. They could have started way back. As far as budget, I’m not aware of how much they have either . I was never expecting super cg or anything, just moving, and speaking characters. Not just narration.

Yeah, I think the story will not be like MKX’s. Especially considering how we expect this since neatherrealm is apart of a triple A company.


The story better not be like MK’s. That’s just…bad. How about they do it their own way? I’d much rather they go more custscenes and actual character progression with actual levels of sale and the like. Rather then everyone beats everyone and derp powers are bestowed on a certain someone at the final moment because reasons…

Well of course not exactly like MKX’s.

If they can do it like they did, they would just have each characters have their own storyline and you play through it with those characters and their endings ect.

Hence why they should focus on 1-3 characters at max for protaganists purposes then have everyone else do a support role.