Will the permanent XP boost work for all accounts on my Xbox?

I’m going to pre-order Season 3 Ultra soon (hopefully), and I’m aware that the 18k KI gold will only be given to my profile. What about the XP boost? I wanna know if my little brother will be able to level up his characters faster when he’s on his account. I haven’t seen anything about it anywhere, so I was wondering if anyone knows about the boost being shared.

Same as the KI gold. I’d you buy the game on your account, all of the trimmings go there.

You can turn on Sharing in your settings so every account can use any downloaded games and even your XBLA Gold subscription, but the double XP is account specific as far as I can tell.

Awww that’s a bummer. This is an awkward situation. He’ll benefit from the XP boost more, but the KI gold is useless to him, and I’m the opposite. Ehhh, I guess I’ll grind on his account if he struggles leveling up without the boost.

In most games things like boosts or in-game currency only work on the account that redeems them, think of it as a one time use power up. Once you activate it, its a part of your account. All of the “physical” DLC however will be available to anyone.

So this means this would be a good work around for those of us that don’t want the double XP? Sweet, time to create a second account and buy S3 with it!

Well, I guess I’ll reap those benefits since I can get more out of them. I’ll grind for him if necessary.

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I think my bro and I typically share gold and when I log in I tend to have the same content he has.

So…am I good?