Will the Next DLC be SHADOW KIM WU?

Hi guys,

We are all waiting and just guessing for tryin to know who are goin to be the next DLC.
I remember earlier in a thread wel before the survey with all new characters and guest… been a big thread with 3 choices.

-Shadow orchid
-Shadow kim wu
-shadow maya ( im not sure anymore for this one; someone correct me please if iam wrong)

IMO we are goin to get Shadow kim wu, cause she’s was one of the most awaited character in S3, but unfortunately most of us has been dissapointed, she made a come back with a new style tiny shorter and younger ( a new version) i think the devs has planned to introduce this one before the real one taller older orchid of maya sized etc… its just a opinion but seriously i wil like to see back the bigger kim wu version. and you guys what do you think about a possible Shadow kim wu?

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Those choices were just a throwaway example from a developer stream when they suggested the idea of another community fund, not actual choices. Though that spawned the unholy concept of Shadow Orchid that somehow found its way to popularity.

As for Shadow Kim, I don’t see it happening. Kim isn’t that big of a character in-game and isn’t really as popular as Orchid or even Maya as far as I can tell, plus Orchid won the poll so if we have to get another Shadow clone-clone it’ll be her hands down. Its not a bad idea, Kim needs help but I doubt that’ll become a reality.



She really needs a community funds cause she was so much awaited , but ok.

Thats because most peoples needs a 90 % exact come back moves and a taller version, i dont even talk about the face cause i’am just divided 50/50 on it .

Shadow Kim Wu doesn’t seem possible…

Now Shadow Aganos… THATS a possibility

Shadow Maya is Mira. I’m crossing my fingers so hard that it’s shadow orchid!

Shadow Kan-ra or bust.

What about Shadow Shadow Jago…

2 times the teleports

2 times the fireballs

2 times the evil


Shashago would be amazing though!!

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Don’t we already have that?


That was me :slight_smile:

I fully support Shadow Kim or Shadow Maya over Shadow Orchid. It makes more sense for Gargos to try and corrupt someone who is directly against him. Orchid doesn’t even know about Gargos till it becomes everyone’s problem.

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Nah… it will be Shadow Sadira! or OR!!! Even Shadowier Shadow Jago!

Don’t we have that already? :smirk:

My joke has been stolen… I am triggered… :sob:

■■■■■ a shadow anything!! New freaking character please! Preferably a human! Use the dude from Scalebound, since he ain’t doing crap anymore. :slight_smile:

Shadow gargos or bust.

Everything else is wrong.

“Don’t call me Shashago”

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Perosnally I wouldn’t mind ashadow of Riptor or Sabrewulf. But personally I think three is enough.

Unless we get all the shadow characters listed.

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Possibly. I mean this is Microsoft and Iron Galaxy Studios we are talking about.