Will the first Forza Horizon be available for Xbox One

Does anyone know if they plan to have a backwards compatible Forza Horizon from 2012? i love that its set in Chicago or wherever streets instead of countryside Horizon 2.

why havent they released any information? its things like this that im glad PS4

There is currently no indication that it will. So far, none of the Forza games have been announced as part of the backward compatibility program.

So they said you would be able to buy cd based Xbox 360 games and play on Xbox One

Was that true

Yes, that’s true. However the CD acts only as a copy protection key and the X1 “version” of the game will be downloaded in full off the Internet to run off the hard drive. This has several important implications. First, you need an Internet connection to download the game on X1. Second, MS has to get agreement from the games creators (publisher in this case) to essentially distribute the game this way. This means that publishers need to “opt in” their games. So it remains to be seen how many are going to do this. It’s not clear what they gain from this.

For MS owned properties it seems inexcusable that they aren’t porting their own games. As you point out, FH is not really in competition with FH2 because of the setting. And in any case thy shouldn’t be afraid to compete with themselves. So unless there is some technical barrier we are not aware of, I don’t understand how FH2 isn’t on the list…

Thank you
FH 360 will be an instant purchase whrnit comes.
I wa going to order the cd but wll wait now.

Another thing you might want to note, digital downloads also carry over, so if you buy the game digitally you don’t need to worry about the disk. Since 360 games all require a download anyway, there’s no reason to buy new ones physically - unless you are getting a better price.

The only hassle is that you can’t download 360 games from the store on the X1 right now (WTF Microsoft?). So to do that you have to get on your 360 (which it seems you don’t have) or you can do it from a PC.

Good luck.

No XB1 was my only purchase only because of Orchid

Thanks you just saved me $30

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