Will Shadow Jago be available again?

Ok dude listen up…Yes its worth it if your on console. You pretty much have to have Xlive membership to play most games to their full potential.

That’s how I got him and I bought my card over 1 year ago. If your on PC only…well then you just have to wait for the 3rd opportunity to buy him outright.
There has been 2 other chances…should have bought him then.

Besides all those options…no need to cry about it. Either buy it , wait, or do nothing. its that easy.

I don’t even understand how this is a debate.

Either make it available (buyable) to everyone forever or just leave it as a skin for Jago. The second Shadow Jago became a character of its own it should have been made available to everyone through normal means, aka the store.

On a competitive pov (and even on casual pov), you can’t make Shadow Jago legit if people have troubles to get him. Saying “he was available through waves” is not a valid argument. Would it be ok to:

  1. Make some champions in LoL available exclusively to some and not to others ?
    These said champions may be godlike, viable or crap, whatever tier they fall in is a say and impact in the meta.
  • Make some weapons in CSGO only available to some and not to others ?
    Imagine the R8 Revolver available only to a few competitive LAN teams. Terrible choice in terms of fairness and balance (especially before the nerf patch).

  • For any competitive fighting game to make a character available for some time, so exclusive to a few and not to all ?

  • generally speaking, give an exclusive tool to a few ?

Saying “you can play against it online through someone who has it, so you can get experience with/against him” is not a valid argument, because:

  1. You have to find someone who has it
  • This person must not suck
  • This person must accept to train intensively with/against you, and it’s super hard if both players are not on the same level.
  • You and He must be available at the same time and willing to play the game at the same time.
  • It’s too much troubles.

Saying “you can get him by buying a $60 Xbl gold sub” is not a valid argument because:

  1. Why would you force someone to pay $60 for one character when you can buy every other character for $5 each.
  2. PC players can’t get him at all, or they will waste $60.
  3. It’s plain stupid.

I know people have funded him, BUT Skullgirls DLC characters were crowd funded too, and Lab Zero Games made them available ( / buyable ) to EVERYONE at release. That’s how it should be with Shadow Jago too.

Moreover, I’m gonna pay $50 to get all S3 characters on PC, will I have to buy ( / spend KI Gold to buy) Shadow Jago because he’s considered unique/special because of stupid reasons ? How can you say we get every character if we don’t get Shadow Jago with the Supreme bundle (or the S3 fighters bundle) ?

Everyone who is complaining now about not having him , could easily do what everyone who does have him did and buy the day one card… Just being real here …I mean you’re gonna HAVE to have Xbox live anyway, so what’s the big deal ?

Shadow jago has ALWAYS been advertised as a day one Xbox live card exclusive … The people who are whining about not having him really have no basis …

So, for you, from a competitive game, it’s normal to have an exclusive characters that new players cannot obtain?


I don’t work at Microsoft man… I don’t make the rules . I just know that shadow jago has been out for over two years , and the people who have him had to get him from the day one card… So they had to buy all the seasons and the day one card. so what I’m saying is that the people who are complaining about having to buy the seasons AND pay 60$ for shadow jago, don’t have a right to complain because the people who wanted him bad enough , did exactly that; forked over the additional 60$

That what i thought:
For you, spending 60$ for one character is totally legit…
For you, peeps who complain about getting Shago don’t have the right to do, because others spended 60$ for him.

If we follow your logic, thats means PC players must spend a whole 120$ boxes instead of 50$ for all characters/accessories because old players did it…

Thats seems totally legit.


I agree with you.