Will Orchid return next game?

Orchid hasn’t done anything in the comics. I hope she does more next game.


I doubt the comics will influence the games. Besides you can’t leave Orchid out. It defies all logic


(FUN FACT: Orchid was ranked the 5th most fun and 3rd easiest character to play with. This is probably why she is unlockable in SL. So she is definately gonna be in the new KI)

Well, the comics seem to just be a shadow lords 2.0 tbh, Orchid doesn’t play a big role in S3. As far as Orchid not being in the comics yet wont really be a factor. I pretty sure the games have more of an impact on the comics then the other way around. As for Orchid and her purpose in the new KI. I’d say her purpose lies in the Ultra Tech Leaks in which Gargos has proof of Aria aiding in Gargos coming to earth to conquer it. If Orchid get her hands on that than that is an advancement in the story. Also I have said it before, but I really want the story to focus on the Disavowed an its instability. The Disavowed also ties into a lot of characters such as Eagle, Thunder, TJ, and Ultra Tech as a whole.


I agree, Characters are fan favorites because people like them not because of how big their role is in the story.

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There was a poll on these forums a while back (at least year or two now) asking what characters they wouldn’t want to return in a new KI and Orchid was voted one of the highest. Granted it was just a community poll on these forums, a place of which contains less than a fraction of the community but I can’t even imagine a Killer Instinct game without her.

I will say though I’m pretty disappointed with how they treated Orchid in this version though. She didn’t play a significant role at all, especially being a main staple of the franchise for so long.

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I do agree, even if that was the case, I doubt they will bow down to the community that far. Still, I think Orchid should return. Leaving her out would be a mistake.

Welp Talim is apparently popular in the SC franchise but that doesn’t mean she impacts the story for soul calibur. Heck there’s only 4-6 characters that haveever impacted the story.

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To be fair tho, We just had a recent poll done asking which ten characters we would like to see in KI, and Orchid was in the top ten, and the word got out quite a bit. There was articles talking about the poll, so I’m pretty sure Orchid is still a fan fav.

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Yeah, htough they said the poll won’t affect the next game. Still, Orchid will always be a guarantee

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