Will omen get the "real boy" treatment?

Since IG did a great job with shadow Jago, I was wondering if he could get his status of bonus character elevated to full character. What do you guys think.


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All I hope for is some new colours and accessories maybe a couple more moves for variation because literally only today I got my omen to lvl 50 and I seems kinda wasted that I got nothing in return for it

I know right, he’s a really good character but when compared to the others there’s almost no reason to level him up past 30 unless you finish what you started.

I freaking wish! He is a real boy…he actually has more than Shago…all Shago has is 3 more colors.

I mean all we are asking for here is 1 ultra pack accessory, 3 more colors and 3 colored accessories right?

Thats all he is missing compared to other charcters


You’re right but still he’s missing:
-His own stage (technically he and shagso are one in the same but still.)
-an ultra pack accessory+ the rest of them
-colors 7-9
-a retro costume
Gameplay wise he’s great and his voice is ■■■■■■■ awesome

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Omen? Yes he is my favorite character and my main. ANd your right…I missed mentioning the RETRO skin! Good catch!


  1. RETRO skin
  2. Ultra premium accessory
  3. Colors 7,8,& 9
  4. Stage ( Shago can keep Shadow Tiger’s Lair…Omen could be like a Shadows Kan-ra archive with the portal open or something??)

I really wish they would add both Shago and Omen to the Story mode as well!


Yeah or a destroyed tiger lair with the portal to gargos realm or an a indented shrine of a gargos cult from the past or something

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Shadow Jago is still not 100% equal to everyone else.

Doubtful that Omen gets the full treatment. But maybe as Season 3 comes along they will add some stuff to these characters. It’s pretty much bells and whistles at this point.

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Firstly, I don’t think Omen need to have this transformation, he’s already a character that was playable and not a special hidden boss like Shadow Jago. That being said,
I think its a good idea, maybe go down in the same vein as Shadow Jago’s. By which I mean after S3 with a community fund. While not necessary, I think the community fund would be the only way they would turn him into a “real boy”. I’d just settle for more colors and accessories. Oh and Retro skin even though I’m not sure what that could be.

Nope. Omen will be left the way he is. I would be shocked if he became more than what he is.

There isn’t a big clamor for more Omen stuff, so I don’t see this happening. But with the exception of his own stage and the retro skin it doesn’t seem like any of it would be all that hard. Certainly adding a few more colors should be pretty easy…

You probably are correct, but this is where I hope that internally MS/IG looks at it from the perspective of getting all characters up to the same level and standard.

I hope he doesn’t @oTigerSpirit

We dont really want a bonus square do we? i mean Omen is great but id love to see him be polished.

it actually wouldn’t take too much.

Gloss up his moves a bit
Make him just a bit more special

YES! lets do this! id totally kick start this.

Not to seem contrary, but you really think Omen needs more VFX? He’s got shadows and trails and bits flying all over the place…

Accessories surely - for everyone btw! More xmas itens! :smiley:

Scenario he need it - a shadow KanRa scenario, with a big portal, sucking things, bricks and stuffs. Not a big job to make it real and making this way, it will be keeping the “bonus character” feeling

IG doesn’t need to do all the job from the zero point

EDIT one: Btw, it’s funny to see, the bonus characters, which should be just bonus, just a liking, characters without much care or evolution, become the most loved and preferred by players, than normal characters LOL
IG, keep up the good work! :kissing_heart:

Yeah. For me it lacks depths.

Id like to see him have more stutters in animation too. Ike he was moving between times or realms.

Maybe more shadow effects or general distortions.

For me his form is too solid. It needs to fade or buckle in places like we shouldn’t be able to see a clear outline. Im not talking allot just so the edges bend in and out on him giving him more of a entertie feel rather than a sparkly man lol.

Also the old dimming on fire balls te technique should be used when he flys so it feels he blocks out the sun.

If anything they could change the color of his shadow skeleton/veins to match his colors, for example his red color the veins could be orange and his rashakukens could match his colors as well kind of like cinders fire ball projectiles.

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I drew up a sketch of what omens retro could look like if he had on like shadow tiger robes