Will Killer Instinct on PC be Windows 7 compatible?

Does anyone know if Killer Instinct on the PC will be Windows 7 compatible?

Also does anyone know if it’ll be released on Steam?

Any info on these things would be greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to play it in March!


Steam definitely no. Windows 7? Doubt it. It seems to be a windows 10 thing.

Just Windows 10.

Oh, that’s too bad. Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it.


Windows 10 is a free upgrade if you have Win 7.

Its windows 10 only. KI comes with WIndows 10 along with the rest of the Xbox gaming dashboard or what ever you want to call it.

As much as I love KI, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to Windows 10 just to play it.

Not KI related, but I suggest you give a Linux OS a chance once Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7.

I say no thanks to Linux. Using Windows 10 and loving it. :slight_smile:

People still seriously underestimate the gargantuan task of making an OS that the end user can actually use. The only Linux distro to make a credible attempt at mainstream-proofing is Ubuntu, and Ubuntu is terrible – in fact, Ubuntu is testament to how far ahead of the pack Windows is.

I mean, if you know what you’re doing, you should probably maintain your own Arch install or something. But even with myself being a CS/math honours graduate I cbf’d dealing with the special needs of a Linux distro, so I’m using Windows 10 and it’s been fine.

It would be really cool if Killer Instinct came to Steam but I doubt it will at least not at first. People just like to have all their games in one central location as apposed to having all these multiple game services like Orgin,Uplay,Xbox Store etc; however in my opinion there is absolutely no reason not to upgrade to Windows 10 even coming from 7. Windows 10 is more stable and more optimized than 7 will ever be and it’s still free!

Yeah I’m going to upgrade to 10. I’m really looking forward to playing KI!

because not having to buy an xb1, is not a good enough bonus for some people.


The Xbox crossover thing is Windows 10 only.

plus 1 for windows 10 being pretty darn sweet. the only gripe is automatic restarts (but a registry modification fixes that). Other than that, I’ve been quite impressed with 10. Plus the xbox streaming works really well!!

I am loving Windows 10. I am curious if they plan on adding anything to the PC version like higher res models/textures etc. Also curious to see what he PC requirements will be since as much as people want to go on and on about how “powerful” the XboxOne and PS4 are they both use the same APU just PS4 uses GDDR5 for system RAM and has a faster clock speed for the GPU while the XboxOne has a slightly faster CPU but the GPU is underclocked (unless the core unlock patch changed that) and uses DDR3 for system RAM. The APU though is basically a modded version of a low-mid range laptop chip :smirk: which when you look at the 360 have a custom TriCore PowerPC chip at 3Ghz and at the time essentially the prototype for the AMD HD2600 Pro video while the PS3 has the freaking Cell CPU (NIGHTMARE TO CODE FOR) and a modded nVidia 7800 which was basically an overclocked 6800 Ultra with more shader support in it’s case. Now we have 8 core 1.5Ghz and 1.75Ghz AMD chips which while much easier to code for…kind of sad that both PS4 and XboxOne have a hard time keeping games at 1080p Native with out scaling in some cases especially on the XboxOne since the extra clock speed on the PS4 GPU and GDDR5 gives it roughly 25% more raw power essentially. Though I have a feeling soon that games will come out that push the limits of both systems and not need to be gimped kind of how it was for later gen PS3.

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