Will Killer Instinct get an HDR update?

I think it would be an awesome visual enhancement to add for the next update. Imagine how stunning KI would look in HDR

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Doesn’t HDR add input delay though?

later this year perhaps…

What kind of impact would HDR have? I don’t know how big of a deal something like that is supposed to be.

I think that is a myth based on certain TVs having issues with HDR for gaming. The overall effects should be negligible really

Do you mean visually or on the game’s performance? I can’t be sure about the game, but it shouldn’t add any noticeable delay. Visually though it does wonders for the game’s colors and lighting, it is truly a big upgrade for a games graphics to have it.

Yeah that’d be awesome!!!

It wouldn’t surprise me if they update it for 4k and HDR when the scorpio releases.

Is it something one would need Scorpio for? Or raise specs for cpu? I don’t know what this is. Are there any games that have gone through an upgrade like this that one could view as an illustration?