Will Kilgore get a trailer?

Just wondering if maybe he’ll get one after his official release or if there even is one planned for him at all. I know a trailer wouldn’t be necessary for people like myself who keep up with anything and everything KI but they are still fun to watch and are great to show friends who may be interested in the game.


Nope. Kilgore will not get trailer.


He is not CURRENTLY set to get a trailer, but he still may. Have faith - anything can happen.

Most likely. EVERY character (Even bonus like Omen and shago) has a trailer.


Worse case senerio, they’d probably just do what they did with General Raam’s trailer…

(Where he basically just shows up out of nowhere, does only one move, makes a fancy pose, then it cues to Killer Instinct logo)

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Well, to be fair, Raam only has like 4 moves: grab, stab, stomp, and kryll.


I hope they change there mind and do a Kilgore Trailer and Bring Back the Teases who is next I want to see!


I miss those too

Be nice to geta Kiglore trailer but I can live without one of Kilgore honestly. I would however, like to play him NAO!

It’s great that they added a timer for us to keep up with before his release but it drives me crazy to see his portrait blanked out at the same time :rage:

Well, it’s safe to assume at this point that he probably isn’t going to have one after all. Oh well

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What about a shared trailer for all three newbies when the last one drops?


Now that’s thinking with positivity! :grin:

Did any character get a trailer after they came out? I don’t recall.

Yeah, all of them (sans Kilgore).

After? No that’s before they came out.

Does it really matter, though?

In this case…yeah kinda. I mean if you didn’t get a trailer BEFORE you came out…why would you get one now?

Oh yee of little faith…