Will Kilgoer be availbale for purchase again?

@rukizzel I went to purchase Kilgore today and their is no way to purchase him now was he just a limited time deal? Hoping he will be made available again soon to buy. Hoping he was just not a limited time offer because that takes away from new people like me who love the game and are willing to purchase content.


Yeah he will but I think next month.

Not sure they implied next month, but he will be available again.

When? Stay tuned.

Early April, I think Rukari said 4th or 5th? And at half the initial price.

April 4th was the date mentioned during the panel.

It will be available at the speed of corporate bureaucracy.

Microsoft Logic

-Random Costumer who saw Domi and his awesome Kilgore during KI Cup: “Hi, I would like to spend money in your business buying a product that you already have finished”
-MS: Ok, come back in a month

Seriously, the “added value” to the people who already got Kilgore(like me) is nonsense.

Give all the people the chance to buy your fantastic character, NOW

You are losing potential costumers.


Its just simply changing which group of people will be mad from a smaller one to an even smaller one. Right now its the ones who can’t get Kilgore, but if they’d kept him available I’m sure there would have been vocal protests about spending $5 more and getting nothing. Seriously, nothing these guys do will ever be 100% accepted by the community. Its the choice MS and IG decided to make and now its one we have to live with.