Will Jago's color 9 kneepads be fixed at last?

They are supposed to be blue, but in-game they are golden. A PITA for Jago mains. This bug has endured for the whole season
I hope the start of season 3 gets rid of it .

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@TempusChaoti ? Any news in the status of this bug?

Color 3 and 9 both need a silver-like kneepad color. It has been around since all of Season 2, sadly, I don’t see it going anywhere.

But they appear blue in the customization menu. The blue color is already there…

Looks like they finally did fix it! They look as they should in game for me. :smiley:

Is that so?!


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Thank you @developers !!!

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Yasssss I don’t have to use the silver knee accessories anymore for color 9 lol