WIll Iron Galaxy create their own fighting games after KI?

If they did, wonder if they’ll create a fighting game where martial artists use elemental powers. And I’m not talking about Avatar.

Something new.


Who knows. Right now they’re focused on.extinction. i know keits has always expressed intrest in a one piece fighter. With dbzf getting the reception it has maybe ig can work on that.


One Piece, now that might be an interesting franchise IG can work on! But how would it play?

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They already have. It’s called Dive Kick.


I’m fairly sure that if they make more fighting games in the future they’d make something based on their own ideas. So I think guessing at what it may be by throwing out our own ideas for story concepts would be pretty silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the subject of a One Piece game though I think it’s pretty safe to guess what they’d do with it by a) looking at the characters of the franchise, b) looking at other anime fighters, and most importantly c) looking at what IG has done with KI and Divekick.