Will Glacius ever get a proper battery ender?

Right now, his meter ender builds 1/2 the shadow of a normal ender. @TheKeits Will this ever be increased to the normal amount? If not, is there a major reason?

Not all battery enders give the same amount of ender. Consider this. Fulgore gets 0 meter for his battery ender.


Hmm…let’s see, what does Glacius have?

The ability to add more stuff to zoning? check

A faster and more mobile puddle? check

A homing teleport puddle punch in Instinct mode? check!

Considering you’ll get access to shadow moves like homing Shatter and the like you’ll likely not need to get so much that quickly.

Glacius is gonna be pretty strong regardless in season3.

No, it wont. The reason is because it performs double duty as his ranged combo ender, and doesn’t deal the extremely low damage that meter enders usually deal.


Last I checked, he doesn’t have a battery ender. At all.

His fireball ender is techinically his battery ender because it increases his spin speed

Ah, I see. I suppose I wouldn’t know that, since I don’t really play him…

Wait… Isn’t that counter-intuitive though, since energy attacks are supposed to SLOW his reactor’s spin speed? This game can be weird…


Oh your right. It is his hard knock down ender. I know it is You’re. I am just messing with you because you like correcting stuff.

I just tested this in the lab and you’re right and @XXNecrophobicXX is not. The fireball ender is his hard knockdown ender and shows no yellow flash on his reactor to indicate increased speed as the ender occurs (but it doesn’t slow down his reactor either in this particular case, even though you’re using an energy-based attack). However, it DOES speed up if you use his blade dash ender, which, interestingly enough, also doubles as his wall-bounce ender, because there’s a very obvious yellow glow on that ender. :wink:

To make things even more funky with Fulgore if you actually want max spin speed then doing his laser launcher ender is the best one since a follow up normal into DP juggle will always max out your spin speed.

Not a great Glacius player, but I’ve been trying to train one up, and from labbing things out I found I could put together some pressure strings Filthie Rich style, burn a stock of meter to keep the string going, and more-or-less replenish that stock by the end of the string. For a zoner that’s kinda scary.

*You’re. Don’t do that.

So long as it’s in a combo you can do any linker or ender, which is good if ya ask me.

But this is about Glacius, not our beloved killing machine.

Either way Glacius is going to be strong in season3 or in my case: Strong-ER

I’m perfectly fine with his battery ender o_o