Why the kinect is the biggest failure and how to correct it

Microphone version only please.

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One of the things that never gets mentioned is that Ryse was supposed to be a Kinect game. Hence the simple controls. But they just couldn’t get it to really work. So, they mapped it to the controller. But imagine that game with functional and intuitive Kinect support. Awesome. They just can’t make it work well enough yet.

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This, I have Kinect since release and I like it… for voice commands. Im pretty sure that the next xbox will have a microphone integrated.

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If they quit ripping us off voice chat and focused on the game play then it would be worth while

That was when the game was being developed for 360, if they tried to use current Kinect it could work, but regardless problem is it would be met negatively.

If they started a beta I would try it.