Why the hell does general RAAM have a 90% Damage Combo?

Since when is this balanced? Playing a guy here once he catches you with 1 combo it goes up to 90%

And I don’t bother with combo breakers its not my thing never liked it because its a guessing game. So I don’t think combos should be doing this ridiculous amount of damage.

Crouch block. He can’t combo you.

Problem solved.

Also, didn’t we tell you to be positive and stop whining? Like 5 times?


If you can’t deal with combo breakers you’re playing the wrong game.


Because RAAM has to work to get in at neutral. He doesn’t have any far, forward moving attacks. He is a grappler, so his reward is largely through making good reads with his command grabs and using the right Decimation strength to start a combo with a manual or auto.


You can’t complain about big damage if you’re refusing to use the thing meant to stop big damage.


Lol olol

i don’t break its not my thing:ki::i don’t use fireballs, not my thing: street fighter

Break, and grow up. The point is to win, not to win under certain circumstances. You’re only hindering yourself. Also, though you can guess, if you’re good there ain’t no guessing

  1. This should be in the General RAAM section of the forums. Character specific questions should go to their specific threads.

2)RAAM’s instinct (which is what I know you’re talking about) is an incredibly powerful compensation tool. His combos are pretty unremarkable and incredibly easy to break since he has only one linker and only 3 unique auto-doubles. This is because RAAM is a true grappler, built to stay in close and be a monster with fast command grabs and damage overtime. This also means, however, that he suffers from all the faults of being a grappler (which, given the amount of SF experience I’ve seen you post about, should be apparent). At any other range besides point blank, he’s virtually helpless. Nearly all of his tools can be entirely circumvented by jumping. His instinct makes his combo game incredibly dangerous for a short duration to try and scare his opponent into a situation where he excels. By forcing you to block, he sets you up for more grabs.

RAAM is one of several characters where hunkering down and trying to whether the storm can be one of your most appropriate options when they pop instinct. Unless they make a big mistake that leaves them open for a counter attack, it’s usually best to err on the side of caution and treat their Instinct with respect.

Also… Not using the Combo-Breaker system in Killer Instinct is basically suicide. If an opponent catches on that you aren’t breaking or that you’re poor at it, things with become exponentially more painful for you. It might be arguably more important that the combos themselves.

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Thanks @Fwufikins I was playing Thunder against him. I did win 7 out of the 10 matches looks like if I had picked Shago I would probably have wrecked him.

I usually try to avoid using combo breakers because I always get caught with counter breaker which makes things worse

I moved it. XD

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Either you’re being too predictable or your opponent is ARIA…as the player.


I don’t get the last bit. What does ARIA have to do with the combo system?

He’s implying that if Hadu is literally always being counter-broken then his opponent would need to be an omnipresent super-computer.
It is a joke, but it also has a ring of truth.


Oh I was thinking more of “she’s easier/harder to break? She’s more fragile?” I’m thinking of the logical reason. But yeah I’ll take that. That would be hilarious though to see.

When it comes to being combo-broken, virtually every part of a combo can be broken except for openers, and a BIG part of this game is being able to read your opponent or predict what they might do based upon their previous actions.

Combo-breaking itself is countered by counter-breakers, so even your own breakers can be used against you if you use them too much. For example, if your opponent picks up that you always try to combo-break during the 1st auto-double of every combo he does, he’ll quickly learn that that’s when he needs to counter-break you (or perform a reset, instinct cancel, a linker, or a manual - all of which can also cause you to lock out). However, if this happens, you’re not helpless - you can actually use your own habits against him by changing what you do mid-match.

Once he starts counter-breaking you because he’s picked up on your own habit of combo-breaking, all you have to do is act through inaction - in other words, don’t combo-break. Since he has to do the counter-breaker BEFORE you combo-break, you can simply watch him drop his own combo, as he becomes more predictable himself because of your own change in habits as he fails to properly counter-break you, leaving him momentarily wide-open for a counter-attack.

I find that sometimes it’s better not to try to combo-break immediately, but to instead wait until your opponent performs a linker or another auto-double. Even manuals can be broken - althought they’re hard to break, even they can become more predictable and therefore easier to break based upon what strength linker was performed before them - but that’s another topic of discussion in of itself.

All in all, this is what makes KI a better FG than most others IMO - its constant 2-way interaction and mind games help make you never quite feel so helpless. So, don’t feel helpless! Do something about it! :wink:

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Please let My Raam quiet! he didn’t ask to Devs for nerfing ur mains, then please let him quiet , hes nope here to laugh hes here for kill!
Can u understand that??? He’s a KILLER and Do have the Killer Instinct!
and we are playing the game, so let peoples enjoy thank u,

I used to be against the instinct of Raam but one guy in the forum said that his instinct is like Zangief ultra and i believe that guy is right and the instinct is just fine.

just watch.


You don’t want to play KI and so you don’t think KI should be KI is what I’m reading.

Also, if breaking is a guessing game to you, it’s because you’re bad at breaking. Step up your break game - unlike SF, this game is designed with human reactionary thresholds in mind. It’s the onus of the player to take advantage of these carefully considered design elements. If breaking isn’t your thing, then eating 40-90% from a failure in neutral is.

Thems the breaks.

So you are complaining about a character that can to 90% plus in Instinct with full meter… and you don’t even attempt to break… That’s is your problem then. Not combo breaking in a game where you are meant to break to prevent high damage combo is rather… well… you should break.

Omen can do 100% damage given the right circumstances/player familiarity…

and you moan a lot from what I see on other posted as well lol

This is true for EVERY character.