Why the Hate on Combo Assist?

So let me start off by saying Combo Assist is a amazing feature added. And in my opinion I think anybody should use it if they are Killers or not. If its in the game USE it. I use combo Assist for Sabrewulfs manuals and by the way i hope someone in S3 have his manual timing it’s so good. I have heard someone people, not saying names, but they seem to hate CA with a passion. And I am desperately trying to figure out why? I know it’s for the new players of KI, so give them some slack ya know? Also saying “Combo Assist shouldn’t be for killers” and what I have to say about that is I understand why they would say that, BUT which I said before, “If it’s in the game use it right.” AND Combo Assist is NOT a advantage, they fixed the Bug will Jago and Shadow Jago about the multiple linkers and everyone else in the cast doesn’t any bug that only occurs in Combo Assist. I am really curious on why bash combo assist like that. And another thing is using CA as a excuse for why they lost? And if any of this applies to you… please for the sake of KI change your attitude and accept the things that WILL HELP THIS GAME Perhaps they blame CA so they can keep being mad and have a reason. I am really curious on the Devs input on all this, because I am really sure CA wasn’t made for hate. Also, I am sure it wasn’t supposed to be labled as “Only new players if you’re a Killer and use it you are a disgrace!” It’s made to help new players play KI and anybody that want’s to try the feature. And come to think of it not too many people care about the new players if they are reacting like that. When I play I rarely get angry. And seeing people criticize the new players by saying “Noob Assist” (side note: I know the world isn’t perfect there is haters everywhere) To be honest if I was a new player in KI I would NOT APPRECIATE the very rude welcoming. I would most likely be really upset and disappointed and will switch to a different game if this is what the community is like?! Anyways, I am rambling for too long I can really put up a longer post but I dont want to… All I hope is people get over the Combo Assist hate that is going around. And i really want to know the Devs input on it please and thank you. Im sorry I had to be real for a moment.

Share your opinions below :heart:

I agree with your comment but be careful. You might get a messagw saying that all CAM stuff goes on the CAM thread.

All the CAM stuff goes on the CAM thread. :wink:

Yeah man people online can’t tell if someone is using Combo Assist unless they watch a stream and see someone choosing it. People have their opinions against it, but it doesn’t matter, they’re free to say whatever they want, of course. Most people choosing not to play the game may do so because they think fighting games are too difficult or memorizing moves is too much of a chore, or they think it’s a cop out and it isn’t. If anything it’s a training exercise to work up to performing combos with the proper motion involved in the linker. You’re even able to override Combo Assist by still doing said motion even WITH the mode turned on. For the most part the entire community fully embraces the idea which is awesome. It’s all in a bid to make playing the game more accessible to ALL players. I’m glad that its finally here!

Get all your friends to download that Season 1 Ultra Edition since its free for the ENTIRE month! Haters can stew and rant until the end of time if they choose to, that’s their right. In the meantime, GAME ON! :sunglasses:

I’m more intrigued than anything. I thought execution was already simple and straightforward compared to other fighters I play (xrd ,bb,)

I will say this, now there are many lobbies open and rife with people playing beginning level characters and Combo Assist is evident in those matches. You can tell because the opponent plays at that level as if he is much higher in experience. That’s the case, or people have started again to play silver level accounts on their systems and start over, like in the past. Who knows.

I wouldn’t worry about it. I am a new player myself and CA was there the first time I booted up the game, its how I have learned the game. Though I don’t know how much I need it considering I still do all the GCF motions and everything even with it on.

Anyway I wouldn’t care, just like with the taunting thing, the devs intentionally put it in the game, so I don’t see why people should be ashamed or put down for using it.