Why so much hate towards guest characters?

I’ll admit I’m not a true KI fan (as i have only started playing at season 1) but whats with all the hate towards the new guest characters? I’d assume many people think it’s “lazy” to just slap a character from another franchise into the game but IG and the respective devs put a huuge amount of work into all of them Rash has battlemaniac punch combos, Raam has GOW style stomps, Arbiter has an energy shield. I still love the old KI designs and I was disappointed with only one creative character this season (mira) but I think the guest characters still have their own unique playstyles and strengths. I found all of the guests really fun and a good addition to KI.

Blah blah blah “integrity” blah blah blah “laziness” blah blah blah “legacy” blah blah blah “hate fun” blah blah blah “other nonsense”


We’ve got discussion going on regarding guest characters already; take a look at the following thread!

It’s better to keep discussion in fewer threads as opposed to creating duplicates.

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