Why Ryat Adams?

It is too close to Ryan Adams (a good artist) I don’t know if you guys at IG are fans or what?

Why is this even a concern?

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Not a concern, just wondering can’t you see how close of a name it is? Ryat is not even a real name I think so it just looks like they wanted to name him Ryan Adams but removed the “n” or its some kind of nod to the artist

it reminded me more of Bioshock’s Rapture creator Andrew Ryan. At first I thought “lol this guy is a genius first Rapture now Ultratech”

I would assume the name is based off Ayn Rand.

SAme here! my first thought whem i see the name :stuck_out_tongue:

Andrew Ryan - Ryat Adams … I don’t see it.

Ryan Adams - Ryat Adams, I would say is the closest thing possible but those of you not making the connection simply never heard of Ryan Adams