Why only windows 10?

By the time I woke up it was at the circular progress meter @47% :cry:

Damn that sucks. :confused: Mine had win 10 installed then below it had "accept " or “decline” to finish. I declined and it rolled back. Took about an hour.

I will say one thing that to me is a plus in the Win 10 corner…I have noticed some older games (like the PC port of the PSX Spider-man game) I have on PC that haven’t worked for a few years seem to run on Win10…they’re not perfect…but it is an added plus.

yeah man I know, I was just curious and your answer is super clear:)

You know, I’m a UX/UI designer so I really couldn’t stand looking at W7 anymore:P
Anyway, the transition from w7 to w10 is pretty much painless. It’s nothing like W8 (that was just a huge mistake). You’ll notice when you add the win10 partitionXD

lol I clean installed w10 as soon as it was available… well, to tell the truth I’ve been beta testing it for months as a Windows insiderXD

Win10 has its perks I’m just content with 7. Lol

Windows 10 is meh. Had so many issues since its launch with apps and drivers. Especially after being implemented on a newly built rig. It’s also an IT/IS nightmare to manage.

Nonetheless, it is free so I can’t help but not feel too bothered and it’s managed to improve, still not a fan of yet though.

On that note, anyone have issues updated KI on the Win 10 store?

I built a system just 3 months ago, never had any driver issue with win10…

MSI Z170M Mortar
i5 6600K OC @4.5ghz
MSI R9 390 8G
16gb ddr4 @2400mhz
SSD HyperX savage

It runs perfectly

That’s outrageous. I wouldn’t have believed it. I take back some of what I said.

I am not a power user by any stretch but I haven’t had any significant problems with Win10.

I need to dig into it more. I’m so used to Win7 that I feel a bit lost. I really liked 7 :cry:


Yeah it happened to a lot of people. 2 different times at that. One incident notorious if I remember correctly there was a “bug” if users clicked the “x” to close the pop up it still installed win 10 by default.

Im on Windows vista JK

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I will never understand why people are so concerned what a company or even the government knows about me, im not a terrorist or a pedophile so why do i care? its the same as when people were saying that kinect would spy be us to watch us all the time. To that i can only say that if some random government employee over in the US watches me masturbate then enjoy i guess, what do i care, it someone i will never know even exists and its not like theyre gonna put it on pornhub.


Win10 is definitely not better than win7 or even win8.1 in either performance or stability. If it weren’t for KI existing I would definitely be looking at alternatives for a default OS at this point.

in my experience it is. It boots way faster, I got a 5 to 10% increased framerates on games and I don’t have any stability issues. Also Windows defender works much better. There are a lot of sources that attest the same performance improvments that I have seen, so I don’t get were you’re coming from. It could be that your hardware config has not received proper driver support yet… that would be unlucky

couldn’t have said it any better…i’ve recently moved to pc gaming and was a fan of the original killer instinct …so i wanted to play it…guess an xbox one is an option but me personally i feel that with how flexible a gaming pc can be and not to mention the higher quality of gaming possible i’d much rather play it on pc …with an xbox controller of course lol i’m not boycotting microsoft i’ve had great experience running windows 7 and 8 and LOVE those two operating systems…no issues at all…another thing is windows 10 upgraded itself on an old laptop i was using …several months back …i primarily used it for watching youtube …and after the upgrade …the laptop was so slow and unstable even blue screening atleast once a day…in this case windows 10 completly rendered a perfectly operating laptop useless…and this was a forced upgrade that happened while i was away…when the laptop should have been in sleep mode…so yeah …thats one of the main reasons i will never upgrade to windows 10 …i can’t even imagine this happening to someone who couldn’t afford to purchase or build another computer with the os of their choice…the rig i have now has a certain 3rd party script that disables the windows 10 update for now .

lol after my initial post my account was temporarily blocked on this forum for “precautionary measures” …wow…then i didn’t get an answer when i asked why it was blocked…hmmmm wonder why?

The likely answer to it is probably Microsoft wanting to push their new products in favor over old stuff. Similar to say, Xbox One only, over releasing to other platforms/ Xbox 360.

Forcing people to Win 10 is a bad idea. I didn’t upgrade. I’m not upgrading a perfectly working OS for one game, sorry Microsoft. This Apple like behavior disgusts me. Not having the game on Steam would have been bad enough. Sadly, I probably won’t play KI, at least not until I upgrade to Win 10 in 3+ years.

Too bad, 'cause Win10 is actually quite nice. Also, waiting for 6 years after the game’s release means you’re going to be woefully overmatched by virtually everyone that still plays.