Why only windows 10?

there are people out there who will never update to windows 10 because of microsoft’s invasive tactics. there are potential millions of customers out there who would love to play the game on pc’s that are more than capable of running it. yet for some reason this company decides to side with windows 10 and microsoft’s new tactics. this part is a little off topic …but microsoft if we wanted to give you our personal information about the things and products we enjoyed we would give them to you!

Umm, “this company” is Microsoft.


Microsoft owns Killer Instinct, that’s why.

Wasn’t there recently news that over 50% of Steam users are now on Windows 10?

If you want the real answer why Windows 10 there is an interview between Giant Bomb and Phil Spencer discussing why most Xbox games will be on the Windows Store.

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A bit over 41% actually (x64 + x32 versions).

Phil Spencer recently said they will ship games on steam in the future. Still, even if they do so, those games will still work over xbox live and using DX12, which means win10 will be required anyway.

I don’t see all these problems peolple have in upgrading to Windows 10. It’s a better OS than win7 both in performaces and stability, and MS will eventually stop the support for w7 entirely. I use it on all my machines and I don’t see anything invasive or restrictive. Everything you could do on win7 you still can on win10, but you can do even more.

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“Hi everyone. I joined the forum 5 hours ago, didn’t read anything and posted a troll post about how awful Windows 10 is without even knowing that the game is made by MS. Make sure to reply and keep my post alive!”

Yes I’m as guilty as everyone else.

It’s worth pointing out that “microsofts invasive tactics” are the same ones being used by Google, Facebook, Twitter and other companies, including Apple on iOS for many years without so much as a hint of complaining. If you use gmail, Google actually owns your emails. But suddenly we have a “no Windows 10!” privacy movement because MS wants to collect the sort of data that is routinely collected by every website you visit in order to target you commercials.

If you hate Windows 10 and want to play KI go buy an Xbox One.


… Godlike

Amen brotha!

Yeah, but for a majority of the sites you’ve mentioned, it’s more of an opt-in option where you are clearly told they would like to but give you to the choice not to allow it.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has and opt out policy rather than an opt in, where all the telemetry data collection is on by default, rather than off by default, and still after all these options are actually turned it, some telemetry data is still being sent. While it may be harmless, Microsoft’s tactics about getting people to actually upgrade to the new OS have been a little shady, and the telemetry options are an opt out, and combining these two facts, it’s instilled a bit of paranoia and skepticism about the OS, making people question it’s legitimate concerns.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. may use collection data, it doesn’t exactly adopt a level of trickery MS has displayed with the upgrade to windows 10. There are people who haven’t wanted it, but the upgrade to Windows 10 seems to install itself sometimes without permission, and they even disabled the ability to opt out of the upgrade by clicking the X on the window.

While most of it is probably no reason to become cautious about, MS hasn’t exactly handled the transition to it’s new OS with the greatest of care or transparency, and seem to only care about the saturation numbers of it’s new OS.

As for games on Windows 10, I don’t care because I intend to keep playing on my Xbox One, that’s why I bought it. I enjoy the simplicity of console gaming.

People are paranoid about everything MS does because they don’t feel like they have a “real” choice in OS. They do, but Linux systems are not user friendly enough for most and Apple is not a viable option either. Apple users feel very much like they are “choosing” Apple, so they don’t look on Apple with the same level of suspicion. But people don’t feel like they “choose” Windows, they feel like they are obligated to use it. It’s a perception issue more than anything.

Windows 10 has been a free upgrade. It doesn’t install itself - people forget that they click the button and then wakeup the next day saying “what happened to my computer?” It follows the trend of nudging people to update automatically and have less control over their system. But we all play on Xbox One which does the same thing - as does PS4. I’m not defending MS. They are exactly the same as any large company. But in my opinion Win 10 has not been more “shady” than anything else.

I was grateful for the free upgrade and have happily enjoyed Win10 ever since.


Dude is just asking a question.

Only beef I had with Microsoft recently was when they pushed windows 7 users to upgrade 10 without the owners consent. Check Google even declining the offer win 10 still in stall. A system restore and gwx fixed that issue.

I like 7 and don’t plan to update anytime soon.

I have Windows 7 installed and I really like it, so I also plan to stick with it.

But, since I do want access to Anywhere/Xbox Live on my PC, I’m planning to purchase a second hard drive and install W10 there instead. This way I can simply boot into W10 when I want to play KI on my computer, or something else in the Anywhere program.


I get you like win7, I liked it too during its time. But, if I may ask, why do you want to stick with an older product which has no support for contemporary features (DX12, Xbox Live, X1 Streaming, super fast new browser, better UI, better gaming performance, better overall performance…), and also no future planned updates?

I mean, isn’t it pointless to have win10 just to do a couple of specific tasks and win7 to do all the other tasks? Even more so since win10 does all the other stuff just as well if not better.

Dunno, it’s really weird, the only answer I could come up with is “I’m used to win7” but there isn’t much difference in actual workflow, it just overall a better experience.

Can you give me a better motivation to stick with win7 than just “I really like it”?

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I have all Macs so you’d think I was screwed but KI does run in Bootcamp. Not perfectly, but it runs. I mainly play games on my Xbox so it doesn’t matter really.

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I figure a lot of what I say here has already been said in this thread, but for the sake of reiteration and driving points home.

To OP: The reasons the game is only on Windows 10 and not 7 are mostly, from what I can tell…
A) Ease of programming in regards to compatibility with the Xbone version. The architecture of Win10 and Xbone are fairly similar games wise, hence the Xbox App on windows 10 and the incoming Cortana integration on Xbone. All part of their push for crossplay and modular design

B) Marketing. Why go make a new operating system without giving people a reason to use it?

From a business perspective, it sounds about right to me.
Tis the way exclusive games go, I spose. You either feel it’s worth getting the platform(s) something is on, or you don’t. It’s an annoying but likely permanent fixture of the game’s industry.

On a more snide added note: Of course this company is going to side with Microsoft on their push for Windows 10. It seems like kind of a given that IG -a company contracted by Microsoft- would cooperate with their employers when it comes to doing the job they were contracted to do. That’s generally how work…works.
I’m not going to speak for them as to whether or not they personally agree with the methods, but generally unless you’re a congressman people tend to get fired if they don’t do their job. :stuck_out_tongue:

I got Windows 10 the day they made it available to me. Figured I could rollback if it didn’t workout, so YOLO.
Made my computer boot up faster, made it so I could run GIFs on my desk top without it pissing the bed, and with some tweaking I can still play all the games that were functional on Windows 7/DOS Box. So for me and the rest of my household, it’s been fantastic. I definitely understand people not liking the idea of switching, especially if it doesn’t work with your hardware, but honestly I keep forgetting I have it apart from the faster boot up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I work for a tech company, in QA specifically. I had W7 for a couple of years, got used to how it functions, and got comfortable with it. I currently have W8 on my work machine because we needed to have at least one person with it. I find W8 does some fairly frustrating things and hate the entire concept of the Tile system. I will be getting a SECOND machine to test on with Windows 10 sometime soon, as well. I have heard good things in general, at least with regards to the things I don’t like about W8 being improved, but I’m also not eager to switch.

I do game on my PC at home, but not really as much as on my X1. Windows 7 is simply what I’m used to, and feels comfortable. If Microsoft is already dropping security update support for it, I’ll be motivated to upgrade my main OS sooner, but this is the first I’ve heard of that.

I’m not trying to convince anybody to use W10 or not; I simply wanted to share my plans and the idea that you can ADD an OS if you want access to KI and other XBL games on PC, rather than needing to overwrite an OS you’re already using and comfortable with.

My posting in this topic WOULD have been relevant…

…had Windows 10 not decided to install itself overnight in my sleep :rage:

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You couldn’t decline it or restore the previous OS? I caught it in time.