Why Killer Instinct 1 better than KI2?


so im curious so why most KI fans hate killer instinct 2 so much?

i know that ki 2 graphics was terrible… but im not sure if KI fans hate KI 2 mechanics system?


Dunno about you, but I prefer KI2 to KI1 aside from the fact it’s the one I grew up with, it had a much better combo system and balance compared to KI1.

IMO the hate mostly stemmed from, as you said, the graphics being kind of a downgrade and the squeal not having fan favorites Riptor, Cinder, and Thunder in exchange for more “generic” humans Maya, Tusk, and Kim. And Gargos was just a rip off of Eyedol (Though Gargos’ fight was more fair IMO).

Thankfully that all changed with the 2013 game.


Thanks, good to know…
im not sure what they need include the older games in the new
KI future.

I love KI 1 and KI 2 both. my opinion i like KI2 mechanics system more than KI1… KI 2 mechanics was super coool like mini-ultra, slow/ fast ultras, ultimate combos,many, etc.

i think they really need bring back slow/ fast ultras and mini-ultras in new KI future… but im not sure if KI fans don’t need them to bring back KI 2 mechanics system include in the new killer instinct sequel.


I personally prefer KI2 over KI1.


In my case I MUCH prefer KI2 over KI1 and I enjoy KI2 WAY MORE better too than KI1 :smile: :sunglasses:


KI2 over KI1 any day. Only thing I hated about it were the cut characters.

Ultra/Ludicrous speed all day every day!


Не ненавидят, а недолюбливают! Зачем ненавидеть КИ2, если КИ1 никуда не девался!!

Графика во второй части не ужасна, а лучше! Вторая часть вышла через ДВА года после первой, и в ней априори не может быть ужасной графики в сравнении с первой частью!!

Изменение механики позволило сделать ДРУГУЮ игру! Это очень редкое явление!!

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I think KI2 was more fluid and easier to play and handle than KI1 but its tone was much darker and kinda depressed me for some reason. They are both great games but I think KI1 was flawless and KI2 was also good but it just seemed too serious in comparison to KI1. Also the fact that Cinder Riptor and Thunder weren’t even secret characters let alone playable in it.


In my opinion, I think it was the time travel plot, a least based on old YouTube comments from 2-4 years ago. I do agree, the time travel trope is a little old


I will take KI2 over KI1 anyday.


My personal reason

The alck of riptor, Cinder, and Thunder. When these two characters where left out, KI2 didn’t have that much diversity. To this day I could’ve imagine dhow it would’ve been ahd Riptor actually returned in KI2.

But that is why I wanted her in all of the KI games including this one and other titles (if she makes it)


Killer Instinct 2 was still great, but I preferred KI to KI2 because it lacked a certain 700lb something…



Because Thunder, Cinder and Riptor are better than Tusk, Kim and Maya


Personally, I didn’t like the control overhaul. At the time I had spent a good deal of time learning how to play KI, and with KI 2 every last bit of that was for naught. Everyone was rebuilt from the ground up. And Fulgore, who was my main in KI1, was so radically different I couldn’t play with him.
It probably didn’t help that KI Gold had all kinds of game-breaking unlocks that should honestly be reserved for training only, such as full super meters. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the game at a fundamental level, and with it being just a rental, it left a bad impression. I could see the potential of it being fun, but it made a clear and obvious point that it wasn’t something you could just pick up and play.


Indeed, that was the biggest disappointment. If they kept all the original playable characters for K-2 and added them in. things would’ve been just fine.


Да уж! КИ2 - это не просто “Plug and Play”. :slight_smile::slight_smile: Такие-сякие прокруты джойстика на 180° и обратно!! И изменённые приёмы, чего никто не мог ожидать! КИ2 менее аркадный, чем КИ1. Удивляюсь тем, кто пишет, что во вторую часть играть проще… После первой-то?! Да ну!!! Это РАЗНЫЕ игры, и это ОЧЕНЬ ХОРОШО!!!

Отдельно хочу сказать про музыку. Вторая часть не сравнялась в этом плане с первой. В КИ2 тоже отличная музыка, но она другая. И это также очень хорошо!

Мне до сих пор непонятны критические жалобы на вторую часть. Кто не даёт играть в первую??? Между играми разница всего 2 года, и принципы игры не поменялись. Отсутствие некоторых любимых персонажей - это замысел авторов. Нужно уважать их видение.

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Lack of Riptorin KI2 is really missed opportunity, imagine Tusk vs Riptor matchup in KI2, fits like a glove.


Indeed it would. I even imagined how she would’ve looked in KI2 as well.


Most player at the arcade where I used to play some coins simply stop playing KI2. They said “KI felt REAL”, they didn’t like the new KI2 “cartoonish style”. They also said the game was closer to street fighter style and that didn’t pleased them.
Myself wasn’t that happy with the looks of the characters (the changes were radical in most cases). But then when talking about mechanics the game would allow better doubles compared to KI2, where most players would wait until someone did something unsafe and then punish. KI1 was supposed to be played in a different way and maybe it wasn’t the best, regarding to that I would say KI2 was better (parry, different enders, blockstrings, etc).

However I did like how KI1 looked much better! It’s still my favourite when playing vs the AI and also because it was the first so some nostalgia factor =) :purple_heart:

PS: You can pretty much see this new KI is based more on KI2 rather than the first one. But they are not that similar, the combo system really changed .


As far as asthetics goes I kinda think KI1 has a bit of the “Matrix effect” where a lot of the appeal comes from the mystery that is there simply due to lack of detail. And like the Matrix movies, once the curtain started being pulled back and you saw the world they exist in in more detail, people started longing for the mystery.