Why KI at Northwest Majors is a HUGE DEAL by Mike Robles and poll

just check the video and maybe wi will have more news about season 3 in the future… just ask and make your request to them @rukizzel @TempusChaoti @TheKeits @TotalJimkata please… maybe can be possible

We want to meet the Killer Instinct team and more news about season 3

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They really need to support the scene that’s right in front of their front yard. Can’t believe their isn’t even an on campus MS tournament.

That being said, most big time KI players seem to live in the East coast or even southern California. Hope their is a good turn out.

I’ll be there!

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Anyone want to paraphrase Mike in the video for those of us who can’t stream at work?

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He basically said that it is a big deal that NWM is making KI a main game this year, and he pointed out the fact that the last time the game was featured was in 2013 at launch, so he was just hyping the event. He also threw it out there that the MS team, since they are in Seattle, could come over for some sort of meet and greet.

So yeah, he was just hyping up the tournament, highlighting the Seattle FB group, and calling for all to come and participate.


I’m going :open_mouth:

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And that this would be the first time for S3 in a major event, which means we get to see all the re-balanced match-ups between the top players.

I’d love more Season 3 news! The steady updates didn’t come through as planned for this month, but we’ll have the game here soon enough.

i thing the pc version will be a big impact to for the game itself will be more people to play and biger tournaments

We are getting increasing hints that info will arrive at the Feb 25th MS event.

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Man, I hope so.