Why it's important to have fun playing a character

If they don’t want to rework him i think scarabs should be dealt with more. Like they already are small so if the opponent wants to get in on kan ra i think they should be slightly more difficult to get around. Stacking scarabs in correlation to number of hits could give kan ra more time too reinforce his offense.

Another thing they could do without changing him id’s giving him higher damage. So even though he will struggle to do a lot of basic things among the cast, once he touches you he’s a threat again.

Just done thoughts though.


Well.it didn’t matter if i had a huge learning curve with the character as long as i felt i could figure out things. Sometimes it took ppl like @F3Sleep to sit me down and teach me how to play the raam match up because i didn’t know how kan ra worked at the time.

Regardless of whether or not the character was difficult too learn, i liked the aesthetic of kan, thus i wanted to play him regardless of that. I think when you play a fighting game, winning does play (and should) an aspect yup your enjoyment because you are positively interacting with the game.

Im actually apart of a secret kan ra group on facebook. We talk tech all the time.

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BRUH, if it’s secret, you don’t talk about it :joy:


That’s the hilarity in it. It’s not secret :joy::joy: i just said that so it sounds cool.

I don’t enjoy pounding my opponents into oblivion. Unless a game is against a genuinely good player, I don’t enjoy playing all that much. I don’t exactly gravitate towards the “Struggle Characters” either, but I enjoy being challenged. Not by any means do I need to win in order to have fun, but it helps when I’m playing ranked. There comes a time however where I no longer feel challenged, hence I’m no longer having fun.
I just narrowed down exactly why I no longer felt challenged. There are players in the community, mostly the tournament level players, who really genuinely know how to play against Kan-Ra.
I can recall playing against Raven’s Spinal and being dominated, purely because he knew everything that Kan-Ra could throw out at any given moment. There were plenty of times I did crazy and unexpected things that caught him off guard, but those only work once…

Like Sleep had said:


@ItzTymeToDul @SaltyFoal586648 Fair enough.

Kan-Ra doesn’t seem worth it anymore?

Found my new main! :grin:

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Let us know when you need help.

I agree. I don’t see Kan Ra as a viable character. The amount of effort you have to put in for the lackluster options he has is not worth it.

With glacius for example, if you make good reads and put in halfthe effort you will get further. Higher priority on normals, better trapping, way higher damage, resource free reversal, etc.

I get it kan needs to be balanced to not tip the scale but in his current form he doesn’t have anything powerful enough to warrant such limitations, say like aria, fulgore etc. Those characters have very obvious limitations/mechanics to offset their powerful tools. With Kan im left wondering whats so powerful to warrant such limitations?

I struggle just to set up my gameplan half the time because the entire cast has tools to stop you from using your tools, you also have to make jedi reads just to stay afloat
while the opponent can afford a zillion mistakes.

You make one mistake and you’re done with Ra.

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Looking at the video, the biggest issue that I see that should be top priority is the fact that either his manuals dont reach a lot of the time or that when they do reach, they easily blow out the combo. Fix that and he’s 10 times better.

I think IG should address that issue and let the community breathe after it’s fixed. We don’t want the Kan-Ra hate train to start up again.

I haven’t​ used Kan-Ra in a while so I’m no expert on him. But I do think that you guys are underestimating him so much because you have an intimate relationship with the char. I play Omen too and even tho I think he’s mid tier, most think he’s close to the very top of the tier list. Everyone wants buffs for thier chars.

I’ll try to get to know Kan-Ra again to gain further insight on this topic. In about a week or so I’m going to ask for some sets. Who’s gonna help me out!?!?!?

My first impression of the Shin Hisako MU is that Kan-Ra wins, so there’s that lol

I can totally relate to this. Let’s face it, Kan Ra has been Sadiraed. Much like Sadira, at one time, Kan Ra was the bane of everyone’s existence. As a Sadira main, I saw my character go from S Tier all the way down to E Tier and then back up to D Tier. During S1 and S2 I had a TON of fun using her and I won a TON of fights. I was close to top 32 once a month. She had great damage and all the tool she need to make people’s lives miserable (especially during Instinct).

Kan Ra in S2 was arguably the best character in the game, outside of Fulgore. Both he and Sadira had a number of dirty tricks whether it be Kan Ra’s nigh unbreakable scarab shenanigans, or Sadira’s glitched Instinct bug that could cause up to 94% damage or more.

In short, I’ve been where you are. I know what its like to have your character nerfed seemingly into oblivion and to continuously lose fights that you used to win, because your old tech just doesn’t cut it any more.

Having said that though, IG has always come through.

In respect to Sadira, she gained Flipout and Jump Canceling off LK (out of Instinct). These two additions seem small, but the resets they can create is nigh stupid. Yeah she still doesn’t have as much damage as she used to, but she’s tons of fun to use and the salt she creates could fill the Atlantic Ocean twice.

There is hope for Kan. IG will fix his current bugs and I’m sure that they tweak him, if they still see him falling too far behind. Nothing is set in stone.

What you, as a player has to do though, is evolve. We Sadira mains had to relearn our character after S3 and I have to be honest, while there are some matches that I hate (I’m looking at your Gargos and Cinder), I love her more than ever. I just had to get over that old mental wall I had created that kept telling me she’s not good, because she doesn’t play like she did in S2.

In short, don’t give up on Kan Ra… He still has a future.

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It’s really hard for me to contribute to this topic, because my opinion on Kan-Ra changes daily.

I think Kan-Ra’s tool set is heavily underutilized, even by top players, even by Fubuki. The question is, whether it would be enough to take out top players by using all the available knowledge.

IMO what we need is a deep analysis on the following 4 aspects

  1. When and how to use his Instinct (Fubuki is very strong in this)

  2. When and how to use his shadow spike

  3. Setups and mixups

  4. Zoning (or better: Keep away)

I used my forced KI break to think a lot about his meta and watching videos and I can’t wait to implement my thoughts into my gameplay. I hope they fix him soon. Until then, I Play Halo Wars 2 :slight_smile:


Lots to talk about!

I don’t agree with Glacius having better trapping all the time but unless Kan-Ra can build some momentum, this statement is true. Without meter, Instinct, hard knockdowns or level-4 enders, Glacius has a much easier time setting up than Kan-Ra.

Yeah lol. What else is there to say?

This is actually my biggest issue with Kan-Ra
I can’t possibly think of a way to fix this, let alone explain this, but I’m still going to try.
I have this… thing that I do while I play. I try to talk about what is happening in the match to myself as if I’m talking to an exact clone of myself. Sounds weird, but this has really helped me see what I’m doing wrong on-the-fly and helps when I’m trying speak aloud to others while I play the game. Give me a “birds eye point of view”, ya know?
Anyways, I feel that as of a few months ago I constantly find myself sarcastically saying in my head “Oh, he made another mistake; Better use a totally batshit move in this MU!” i.e My opponent decides to use a DP or Shadow DP or batshit insane projectile invulnerable move or just Something that just feels so un-■■■■■■-fair…
It’s just so tiring beyond belief that most characters have something that gives them a boost of speed to help keep that momentum while Kan-Ra has none.
(Im not even sure if this explanation will make any sense but I hope it helps you understand a tid bit more.)

I don’t think soo… It wouldn’t make him that much better but it would help a little bit.

And no, in fact we (at least me) aren’t underestimating Kan-Ra because we “…have an intimate relationship with the character.” There is a legitimate and overwhelming disadvantage when playing Kan-Ra against most other characters in the game.

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