Why its getting more and more harder perform recaptures and/or land ultra finishers?

With Ochid, i was able to land her ultra ender after using shadow firecat and then shadow rising cat. Now its no longer possible. Why? Its awfully hard to do recaptures now… Sabrewulf, Riptor, Glacius, everyone… Why recapture timing was reduced? It was a lot of fun perform recaptures but now its almost impossible. Can you guys increase the recapture time a little bit?

Glacius… I didn’t know he had a recapture?

I do not want to imagine Glacius with a recapture. Oh man, full screen recaptures…

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May I didn’t expressed myself so well, but im complaining about the toughness on landing 2 shadow moves after an ultra and hit the final blow with an ultra ender. The juggling time was drastically reduced so its getting harder to do juggles.

ill try her recapture later and ill see the difference