Why isn't the Definitive Edition not available on PC?

I went to the Microsoft Store for PC and the Definitive Edition and the store states that the Definitive Edition is currently not available for PC. Why is it not available for PC?

There were some issues we were noticing with that version, so we pulled the offer while it is being fixed. You can still download the free version, launch it, and then purchase via the in-game menu if you so choose.

Hello, Rukizzel. Thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate that the team is looking into the issues before it is launched again. Also, in the feedback section of the forums, I made a topic about the game crashing at startup which happens when I change the video settings or update the graphics card (I am using AMD12.) I found a way to fix it by deleting the files setting.dat and cache.bin. Please tell the development team to fix the issue of Killer Instinct crashing at startup.

Also, were you able to read the post I made in the feedback section of the forum? Is the development team aware of this issue and will they be working on it before the Definitive Edition for PC is available again?

crap like this is why I haven’t went PC. Prey. fallout, and too many to name are just a mess at launch. I’d take an optimized game over 1440 and 4K 30/60 any day.


Also, I tried purchasing the definitive version from the in-game menu and it won’t let me. It takes me to the Microsoft Store which says that the Definite edition is not available for purchase.

hi there i got the the free version recently having a blast and would like to upgrade to the full experience do you know how long until the definitive version will be back online ?


Me too. I use to love PC games. Then it started to be a real pain. Game “x” will run better on “x” video card, but will mess up on video card “z”. Same issue with games and processors. Some times even the motherboard brand made a difference. I don’t want to build a PC for each game I want. Not to mention that on most games the recommended settings are far from correct. They put them on the low side to sell more copies, when it would be better just to say what the game really needed.

I like the console. Buy the game, install, and then play. I don’t need to worry about video cards, sound cards, motherboards, or even windows internet settings.

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while that may be true don’t game Consoles have their own problem like hard drive space you can’t just simply plug in an external hard drive and then be able to install more games cause lets be honest most games are at least these days 5-10 Gbs it will happen eventually and your going to have to remove a game for another

just my 2 cents as a PC gamer

I plugged my external HDD in just fine. And the same with my son’s X1. It is true though I am running out of space and need to remove games, but I had to do the same thing on PC

so the Xbox 1 actually had a much needed feature i would not know since all i have used in the name of Consoles was a PS3 and Wii

Yes. It can use external HDD. I bought a HDD the same day I bought my X1. It is so good that you can’t tell what games ate installed on which drive. You can even install the game one one drive, but the DLC on the other.

if u happen to have a 2.5 or 3.5 HDD laying around you can buy and enclosure for it that has SATA to USB built in and use that.

enclosures for internal HDDs are like 15 bucks.

but make sure it meets the Xboxes HDD requirements.

interesting well i know im not going to run out of memory on my desktop anytime soon seeing as i have 10TB of external Hard drive memory spice spread across 3 external hard drives

Man, I feel your pain

I wanna buy it too…please fix it soon


Memory spice?