Why is there no option to delete topics?

Seems like something most forums have, how come this one is lacking it? I would prefer to delete topics I made that I don’t feel needs further dicussion.

Any possible chance of that option being added later?

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Heck the original site for season 2 had a delete option if I recalled.

This would be very nice, and would make the first week of the “new members experience” much easier.

I know I had a few bad threads i made.

There will never be a delete topic option, just as an FYI. Once things are on this board, they are here to stay.

That’s pretty dissapointing but I appreciate the answer.

Guess I’ll just ask mods to lock threads if I have to.

That’s the next thing - locking a topic is not something that will be done by request, either.

If there is a conversation happening, no single person can simply ask for it to stop, even if they are OP. Once there is no conversation to be had, the thread will die on its own.

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Well damn. Quite an unorthadox thing to not have on a forum, but it’s not my forum so I can’t complain. Thanks for the answers @rukizzel.

OH! now i see…

If a conversation got started, and the OP got butthurt, they could delete the topic, and that is not fair to everyone else.

I never thought of that.

That is a good trade-off. I am OK with not being able to delete accidental threads, if it means REAL conversations are safe from angry OPs.


That’s actually pretty cool. I was a member of a different forum for a long time (Seibertron.com, a Transformers fan site), and I had made probably a few thousand posts there in the time I was on it, & it’s still nice to know I can go back and look at that stuff for various reasons. I had gone back several times to show my kids some examples of things people should know, like spelling is important if you want people to take you seriously, or what a flame war is, and most importantly, if you say something on the internet, odds are it’s permanent. I thought that last one was a particularly good example what with my daughter being old enough for facebook last year.