Why is Killer Instinct never advertised on TV?

Something just got me thinking after seeing a commercial for Gears 4, why isn’t Killer Instinct ever shown on TV? All trailers and commercials were strictly released on the internet, which is fine and all, but why are they never shared to a much wider audience as say other MS titles like Halo?

Ryse Son of Rome had tons of ads when it was being developed, and that essentially bit the dust. Dead Rising 3, Forza, even ReCore I’ve seen on TV at least once or twice, but KI always seems to get the short end of the stick. Even when the Definitive Edition hit stores recently, the ad was only on websites. My question is why wouldn’t you hype a game, that’s actually really good? The series used to have some pretty wacky ads back when it was on SNES, yet this gen it feels pretty barren.

Sony gave SFV several teasers before it’s eventual launch, so why can’t the same be done here? Especially if a sequel or S4 is ever in the works?

Just imagine, you finish watching Walking Dead, Daily Show, Top Gear or what have you, then right when you go to the bathroom you hear “ONLY ON XBOX ONE!!!”

(Turns around)

Next all you see is the characters of KI kicking ■■■, starting combos, even stage finishers. Soundtracks blasting in the background with high octane action, showing everything the game has to offer, then next commercial plays while you just sit there thinking…

“That was actually pretty awesome. Probably gotta go get that now… also I think I no longer need to use the restroom.”

Is it just me wishing this could be possible, or do you think this wouldn’t do that much to boost the game’s notoriety?
I get it that a budget is required for these kinds of sponsors, but after 3 seasons, it just feels like this game still doesn’t get enough praise than it truly deserves, and maybe showing a glimpse of it to more people who just aren’t aware of it as of right now, might just bring in some new fans.

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Well for me TV(cable satellite etc etc) is becoming obsolete so there’s that. Then there’s not being able to contain it in a mere commercial. Then some other things I’m probably forgetting.

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I don’t even have cable or satellite. I got rid of it when Netflix and Hulu became big enough to get just as much entertainment for 1/2 of the price of cable. Not only that, but other not-so-genuine services when I don’t have the money. When I do, I make up for it by buying what I’ve watched.

So, the only time I see adverts is for YouTube, Twitch, and Hulu.

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True, the format of TV, in a way is dwindling slowly, but I still find it a little jarring this never got any fancy ads, yet games that just came and went often did.

And for containing it as a commercial, I wouldn’t say it’d be impossible. A single trailer with Mike basically saying “Buy this, its good.” would be better than nothing.

Who watches TV anymore…the stuff on nowadays is utter tosh (well not all of it)

Well when I said “can’t contain it”. I meant it as “TV’s not worthy enough for KI.”

Real talk though, it’s just…budgets maybe? I don’t really have a answer.

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Even so, whenever the good stuff does happen to play, wouldn’t seeing a KI ad instead of an infomercial be better?

Ultratech commercial. I’d watch that. I despise commercials but I’d watch and ultratech one. MGS4 had those commercials everytime you started a new game. It wasn’t bad and I liked it.

I find it funny that TV hasn’t been around that long and it’s already going out of style.

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“Ultratech commercial”

Riptor’s trailer playing right after Rick and Morty? That would be pretty amazing. (Then again Riptor was released a long while ago… still a cool trailer I must say.)

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Ultratech, looking to the past to preserve the future.

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It could be advertised on youtube…


Considering they do have their own YT channel, Im a little surprised they never did any sponsors that way either, at least from what I’ve seen thus far.

Seeing any of the character trailers before a random Youtube video starts, I could get behind that. Beats having to watch some of the more annoying ads that play consistently.

Ah, love those commercials…would you like to buy stocks? Did you you know you can save more on car insurance if you purchase this mazada X3?


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Not as bad as that guy telling us about his Lamborghini, and the only thing better than riches and money is KNAWLEDGE

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I hate commericals…unless it’s something REALLY good then don’t waste my time TV with commercials.Especially during those intense moments during shows then all of a sudden COMMERCIALS…ugh…


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