Why is it okay for the Arbiter to get damage AND setup?

In light of the changes they’ve made to the enders across the cast, how is it that it’s okay for the Arbiter to get setup in addition to damage of his damage ender? Just curious.

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This was a little surprising to me also, but they are calling arbiters ability to tack on plasma grenades and carbine shots to any ender his combo trait, so I suppose he is something on an exception. But even with the damage ender, Arby doesn’t do a ton of damage, and he doesn’t have a shadow ender, so it’s not as if he’s unfair by any means.

Arbiter also has a single low attack; that’s it. So he is more limited in what he can do to mix you up in the first place.

If you say so, but he can setup from the ender with the sticky, and then choose to sweep, use his ranged overhead, or his ranged command grab.

I’m not saying he doesn’t have options; I’m saying it’s a give/take balance. He has benefits, but not an extreme level of damage, lack of lows, etc.

What’s everyone’s concept of extreme damage here? I see this thrown around a lot, “so and so doesn’t do a lot of damage”, when the majority of the cast can deal 40-50% regularly (Arbiter included).

Also, that is only IN combo. That’s before you get to pokes and individual moves.

Sweeps are breakable

1-IMO his damage isn’t too high, without good special resources/mix u management, it can be hard to win with him
2-post ender setup depends of special resources, making them situational at best
3-Post ender setups are good, but not EXTREMELLY good, they can be dealt

Of course this is only my opinion

His damage is pretty tame I think. You could say this same thing about Spinal and Orchid.

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i was wondering too cause kim wu ,tusk ,rash and jago do so much damage and meanwhile everyone was nerfed and blocked in some setup. i really dont understand it.
if u noticed it too kim wu do have one DP 20 % thats when she fly at 200km/h then hit u.
tho me thats a thing to force people to go over new character . because much damages.

Haven’t had a chance to play with the character too much, but I’d assume it’s because Arby is very resource heavy. And if you manage to block/escape his mixup you just made him waste a precious resource. Everybody has good offense in S3.