Why is Fulgore's medium laser breakable?

I lost a match because of this. The second hit of it is breakable for some reason. I can’t counter break it. With it being breakable,does this mean the move is useless?

This is a bug that got discovered pretty quickly after S3 launch. I assume it will get patched with the mira update.


For now it’s a good poke if you can get only the second hit to land but, generally multi hitting specials can only be counter broken if they are manuals or juggles. Not if it’s your opener. I’m assuming the game reads 2 hits as opener manual or opener medium hit which allows it to be broken, but since the move itself is still 1 input, you can’t counter break it. It’s dumb but yeah, I have tried not to use it so far because I know it is a free break.