Why is EYEDOL not unlocked in SL?

Is there gonna be update for eyedol usage in shadow lords?

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I asked the same question in one of the other threads and no one ever answered me.


He’s getting his own quest chain, its not ready yet.


If I had to guess, Eyedol questline should be coming in the first major SL update, along with The Watcher Guardian.


Well gee I sure hope so

U really think so?

Its not an opinion, they have confirmed that he’s getting his own story and that’s why he’s not in yet.


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then let me ask this question: why do they put out the DEFINITIVE edition, if the game is not concluded?

beyond that, this makes me hope there will be a season 4 too, with new stages, stuff, finishers,… I’m not offended for DEFINITIVE edition’s name, but this makes totally no sense.

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That’s not my question to answer, they have confirmed he’s getting a small set of story missions I couldn’t tell you anything beyond that.