Why is backdashing away a common strategy now a days?

This is a small rant & question to KI players.

Since the day season 3 was released i’ve seen a one patucular strategy that all exept me and beginners does all the time, backing up or as like to call it running away from me every f-ng time that they beat me during first round or immediatley when the match starts or even after they beaten me and they still do it.

I know this is a good strategy with projectile characters but i’ve seen this with every fighter even with those who hasn’t projectiles to use.

This is really annoying to me because i main in-fighters like TJ (formely), Tusk & Rash

Please comment and tell me why do you do this strategy even if you use non-projectile characters? Or if you encounter this same thing and are annoyed by this too.

You play tusk. And you are asking why everyone is running away from you lol


Sieze the advantage, back them into the corner. Eventually you’ll be fighting players who care about their space a little more.


Well it’s the match up tusk is slow and dangerous at close to mid range. It’s That or your or running into defensive players

I dont see why your upset. Any player that stands right next to Tusk, Thunder, Aganos, Raam, or Eyedol between life bars is an idiot. Why would anyone want to “Play into their strength?”

I honestly thought this thread was going to be about ppl backing out of exhibition at the ready screen…not walking backwards after a life bar.

What does it matter how your opponent plays? You either adapt and win or you dont. I dont see how this is even a legitimate topic.

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I’ll play you; I’m not afraid of Tusk. I can’t promise that I won’t do the same, but with my golem’s chunk armor, I won’t be running away unless it’s to set you up with a multi-wall crash. :wink:

I ain’t afraid of no Tusk. Picks Kan Ra :smirk: