Why is Arbiter $10.00?

Now I know that it’s because he comes with his full retro and everything but I told 10-15 of my halo freinds that Arbiter would eventually come out for 5 bucks just like everyone else. Now I seem like a liar and IG comes off as greedy.

The reason my freinds have waited to get him separately is because they don’t have a lot of money and many couldn’t afford the $20 pack

I have been waiting for this for quite a while as a way to get tons of my friends into the game but now that will be a lot harder.

Wow are you serious???

I’m trying to give a real reason I think the $10.00 isn’t fair. I made this post to discuss the issue.

Damn dude…smh.

That is a fair point. This $10 does come with all of the armor though which is what I’m guessing they wanted. They really should have a separate $5 Arbiter for purchase like everyone else though.


Im sorry but how is it you can afford an Xbox and other 60$ + games but you cant afford this one? I never understood that. I guarantee your friends paid 60$ for COD or Halo 5…so save up and pay 20$ for KI.

You have to pay to play. And KI is damn cheap and well worth it.


Maybe it a way to help them get just a little more money to do the things they need to do with K.I. I honestly don’t think IG is being greedy, although I understand why you would query the price difference. I feel these guys love K.I. like we do. I don’t think they just want to hold us by the ankles and shake all the change out our pockets.

Everytime i read IG and pricing/greedy i smile. You know that MS sets the pricing, do you?