Why is Aganos's One chance break so inconsistent?

I get anywhere between 40 to like…sometimes 60%. Is there a reason?

I use this combo 99% of the time: Natural Disaster - m. overhead manual - Shadow Payload Assault - No Escape - h. Payload Assault - Ruin.

Depends on the number of rocks that hit off of h.payload. which can change based on distance and various characters.

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wouldnt this really be considered a 2-chance break bc they can break the ruin too?

and speaking of inconsistent damage with PA (with reasons stated by Letalis), if u have 2 rocks and 1 meter he does have a max 34% (usually 32%) damage unbreakable - m.ND to s.PA - shoot 2 h.PA’s

the timing is really tight but u get max damage of 34% if the 2nd h.PA hits when the opponent is falling to the ground. if u r late on your first h.PA then u can just fire a m.PA and get 27% unbreakable :slight_smile:

not huge damage but great to close rounds or matches