Why I Didn't Buy KilGore

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Don’t worry I understand

man i hate agreeing with you

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So you’re going to create a new thread to call out someone from the locked thread that you can’t reply to publicly? Come on man, have a little more tact than that LCD. You should know better, take your personal squabbles to private messages instead of making spam topics to attack people and plug your channel.


This isn’t a personal squabble. In fact many people asked me about this and it pertains as a general topic as well that is appropriate for these forums. It just so happens that his quote is great segue for this thread. So yes normally I would never make a whole thread to attack someone. Cmon ON man.

P.S.- yes I did DM him.

You quoted someone directly and proceeded to reply to a discussion that was already locked, calling someone a hypocrite makes it personal. Singling out one post from a thread and making an entirely new topic dedicated to replying to them makes it personal.

I mean really, you don’t see that?


I agree that you shouldn’t spend money on something you do not want and no longer supports. That’s just silly. Doesn’t mean there aren’t aspects in the game you can’t enjoy still, which you are doing.

But this thread was rather unnecessary. So some random d-bag on the forum made up some sh#t in an attempt to trash-talk you. He isn’t important. You know what you said and you have proof of it, that should be enough. A whole thread calling someone out like this was just not necessary.

And it is also hard to take you seriously, when you just admitted to make a troll thread, making fun of people and calling them sexist and what not. Hope you had your fun, but you certainly lost people’s respect. And from what I could read from that thread, alot of people already had lost respect for you.

This is just adding to it. I understand you want to defend yourself, but pick your battles…

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I appreciate your honest words, you handled your reply better than most. However my thread makes 0 sense without that quote. The only reason I provided it was for context. Also dont’ worry about lil ol me. My reputation in this community was shot ever since I was known as the guy who always beggs for buffs. Like i’ve said many times, I really don’t care what people think of me unless it directly affects me.

I’m just another random guy over the internet.

that dude directly affected you? (the one you quoted)