Why good players are punished for doing nothing wrong?

Again after a long time, I was put under the probing because of rage quitters why is it happening? it happens often that even before a match starts the other player logs off in the character selection screen just because you have a higher rank. I stopped playing it during continuous hours as I used to because of this kind of situations and because I got downgraded from assassin to master for no reason even when I played before you decided to send a note about the low activity on my profile.
The reason why I decided actually to buy an Xbox one instead another console was in the first place because of this game but now if you punish good players instead of punishing people who quit matches or uses cheats please tell me where can I get a refund on the money I have invested in your game because I have it from day one.

I don’t think there is a good anti ragequit system in any game to day

To keep your rank if you are Killer you need to play one ranked match every month.
If ppl is getting dosconnected it might not be ragequit but different connection problems between both or server issues.
I don’t see where you are getting punished for more than other players.

Most of the d/c issues happening right now are a result of general connection issues KI’s been having, as opposed to peopl genuinely rage quitting.

I wouldn’t sweat it TC. All probation means is that you won’t be awarded points for the connection dropping (default system is to credit you a win when that happens) - you won’t be able to get any points when it d/c’s, but you won’t lose anything either. Game connection issues should be fixed sometime soon hopefully.


But you really arent being punished. All probation is, is that next time someone rage quits on you, you wont get the points. Normally you would go back to ranked after the rage quit and you would see were you got the points. Now you just dont get the points and you conitnue playing and only getting points if you win.
SO whats the problem really? Nothing… it just sucks to be told you are on probabtin when you didnt do anything. But its really not that big of a deal at all.

The problem is you technically ARE being punished. As a Sadira main, people regularly rq on me. They don’t like my character and they don’t want to play against her, so they quit. So why should I be punished for their antics? If somebody quits a match with me, I SHOULD get the win. In April I ran into the same guy 6 times in a short period of time and he rqued on me ever time. So guess what… I got on Probation for his behavior. Now every time I faced a person of whom i knew would rage quit, I didn’t get points. If I tallied everything correctly it was close to 1500 points I lost due to Probation.

Probation is also glitchy. I’ve gotten a Probation warning just by logging in. Or get on Probation due to one person taunting and rqing against me. Then magically the next fight it is gone.

When you are tying to grind for top 32, every point counts, so I have to agree with the original poster. For me for Probation to work right, it should be looking at the connections, and if somebody is always winning due to poor connections… then Probation, not as it is working now.

Sorta agree but you didnt really beat him so its on the fence that you truly deserve the points. So you really arent loosing much but a minute of your time.Getting points for a RQ at the character screen is just a bonus