Why Gargos arrives now, and not at the end of Season 3?

I mean, he is much hyped, and he looks awesome, and he is main villain, BUT there are still two more characters around the corner.

Are we for a yet bigger treat than Gargos? Will next characters be more hyped?

I’m guessing the rest of the season is guests. They probably wanted more time to get them right.

There’s a lot of reasons why. The biggest ones are back when we did Season 2, we held ARIA until the end. That caused all sorts of problems when it came to creating cinematics for the Season 2 Story Mode.

With Shadow Lords, Gargos is the star and we wanted to do things a better way. Not only that, but it just felt ‘right’ to let everyone use the character and get to know him before Shadow Lords mode when you have to take him on in all of his glory anyway.

You don’t always have to wait until the end of the Season for the boss - it’s fun to break the rules, it’s what KI has been all about! :slight_smile:


That’s a nice little explanation. Also, after seeing Gargos, I weep for the QA testers. That must have been a hell of a job, with all the stuff he has going on.

Heh yea. Try playing @TheKeits when he uses Gargos… I’ve never felt whiplash like that in my life.


Does this mean that a non guest character is still a possibility?


a) They wanted to release Shadow Lords mode before the season ended, and since Gargos is the boss of said mode, it made sense to release him along with or before that mode.

b) They realized people want Eyedol even more badly than Gargos, so they’re saving Eyedol for last, hoping to surprise everyone.

c) Please surprise everyone.


This is the reason. They explicitly said this about a month ago.

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Hah, I wish I could. My connection is terrible. But just watching him play, I’m a little afraid. He can theoretically keep Wulf at bay very well.

Eyedol, the mode is called Shadow Lord’S’. If not we must have a season 4 (full of original characters!!! And Eyedol.)

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No “if not”.
Yes Season 4.
Eyedol whenever.

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