Why don't Sadira players use the damage ender?

I am not a Sadira player. Personally hate fighting her. But whenever I fight one or watch them in tournament they almost always use the recluse ender, I think that’s what it is. They never go for the damage ender even if it would keep me cornered. Is the damage ender really not that good for Sadira or is the juggle that preferred?

Opponents in the corner isn’t great because no cross ups I think.

I use it most times, especially if I have to gain the advantage health bar wise.

90% of the time I go for damage ender. I don’t like or use blade demon launcher unless it’s by accident. Recluse launcher I use from time to time to keep certain opponent’s out of the corner so they still have to block two ways. Not all the time though.

That’s weird because whenever I watch tournaments I’ve never seen a damage ender out of the few Sadiras that pop up

You usually only ever see the dmg ender when it’s to take that last bit of life, otherwise Sadira specialists will mostly always prefer the setup over the dmg (or both with shadow recluse).

Sadira is a low dmg character these days, that lives off of setplay and resets much more than trying to capitalize on heavier damage, simply because even with the dmg ender she won’t cash out for all that much dmg unless it’s something like a lvl4 ender.


Interesting. Nice to know. Glad to see the Sadira community willing to answer my question too :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m not a sadira player, though x’D I personally hate the MU with a passion ^^

I’m just talking from MU experience and seeing how the character works. Her gameplan is all about trying to get opponents to play into her neutral until she gets an opening and then all she wants is to keep getting short combos into an ender that gives her an oki setup with a crossup/fake crossup/meaty widow’s bite.

So it stands to reason that the dmg ender, which doesn’t give her any good oki, will be used only when the extra bit of dmg is really necessary to take the life bar.

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Yep, @Skryba basically covered it all. The setup is generally more valued than the little bit of extra damage.

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I was a sadira player and when u cash out u need to feel the brutality and the beauty of the action + tryin to go for juggles and for that nothing can replace the old recluse ender from s1 & s2. but since s3 we couldn’t go for juggles after recluse ender its just nonchalantly blockked , why ? we will never know.

I honestly never found the damage Ender very… Well damaging. Most of Sadira’s damage comes from her areal juggle setups, and Shadow Recluse still by far cashes out the most damage.

Well the damage ender deals 7% more damage then either launcher or hard knockdown ender. Which depending on your KV I don’t think you’ll be getting that much more damage without meter.

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It is still my favorite ender all sadira mains keep doing it because it’s in the muscle memory aswell that is in my case why I use it