Why Does Sadira Beat Riptor?

I’ve always struggled in the Riptor MU and I was wondering what makes it so bad for Riptor vs Sadira? I figure if I know what’s bad about the MU I can capitalize on that next time.

Um, Sadira jumps higher?

its a 5-5 matchup

It might be! I was just always told Sadira bodies Riptor, and I’m thinking damn, I keep losing to the Dino, what am I missing? I actually hope it’s 5-5 so I have an answer

There isn’t any one thing that’s exploitable that makes the match up bad. It’s just a combination of little things here and there that make it bad. Riptor’s wide hitbox makes Sadira’s mix ups hella ambiguous. Riptor’s anti-air game is kind of weak in this match up since, if timed right, Widow’s bite to jump in kick will stuff all of Riptor’s meterless options, and even with meter only shadow clever girl will work, and even then that can be avoided with a double jump, a cross up, or a dive kick. You’d think Riptor’s jumping HK would be perfect against Sadira but it’s too slow to hit Sadira before Sadira can hit Riptor. Granted once Riptor does knock Sadira down the match up flips to Riptor’s favor almost instantly, but if you can escape that pressure and get back in the air it all flips back.

Sadira is harder for me to fight with Fulgore because of her double jumps and daggers, add her down MK to stop any punishing attempts and boom.

I think the aerial superiority is why she does so well. Riptor admittedly does not have great anti-air so you have to be careful with her.

I’d say it’s mostly due to Riptor’s wide hurtbox - Sadira jump pressure is quite ambiguous on her, and Sadira gets to be less precise on how she spaces the widow’s bites as well simply because it’s hard to actually have a cross-up HK miss the dino. There’s also the fact that Sadira’s air buttons are generally just better than Riptor’s - aside from jump+HK from afar, most of Riptor’s buttons just aren’t in a good place to catch her.