Why does ki now remind me of naruto games

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Heavy and medium blade dashes are not -2.

Fully aware, light version doesn’t travel far at all, it’s only good for block strings, a common trait amongst the cast. What is important is that overheads or lows can be stuffed or punished; normally it’s the overheads.

How is this different from any other Fighter? Almost every other Fighter is a lot of methodical Footsies/Pressure>Confirm>BnB Combo cycles with occasional reversals and pokes thrown in. And how is any of this new to Season 3?

I’d say KI suffers from this considerably less than other Fighters actually, since the combo breaker and shadow counter systems heavily pressure players to mix up their offense and combos. I think Killer Instinct is one of the most enjoyable spectator Fighters of all time.

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So you’re just proving me right? I wanna make sure I’m understanding your intent. Not trying to be a ■■■■ at all. Super serious.

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If you were talking about the light version only, then yes. I believe the OP was talking about the heavy version since he reffered charging it.[quote=“CUlatayam, post:3, topic:14920”]
I block it like blade dash being -2 uncharged… Like why isn’t punishable fulgore can charge it to make it safe anyways
I don’t actually refer to exact frame data often so I assumed he was referring to the heavy version being -2 since why on earth would you charge the light version… thats just suicide.
Anyway I thought you were saying the heavy version was not punishable and I knew that certainly was not true. Since you said the in-game data was wrong I didn’t bother using it as a refference.

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No, I was talking about Light BD being -2 on block. Medium is -3 and Heavy is -4 by the way. All not charged.

Then we are on the same page! :grinning:

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