Why does jagos ultimate fireball make a sound like Riptors mating call

Did anyone else notice this? It sounds really weird.

It would be better if it was like him screaming endokuken or something

And just how do you know what a Riptor mating call sounds like huh… actually forget I asked.


lol. maybe he works in a raptor breeder/artificial insemination farm?


I do not envy him then however, the pay must be great and possible benefits you know how UT takes care of their employees.


To me it always sounded like one of Kilgore’s sounds clips.

I to mus tquestion how you know what a Riptor mating call sounds like : U

gimmie a break. I’m sure that’s the sound of the fire rushing out and blowing your foe to hell.

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ya know what? does ultra tech have employees? or is it some artificially intelligent sentient being running the show, maybe with other robot underlings?

if they did have human employees. I wonder what the interview process would be like?

interviewer: how to u feel about human experimentation?

interviewee: depends on how much you pay me.


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Yeah of course they do, all evil corporations have employees who either don’t know jack ■■■■ about what the company is doing or simply don’t care because they are some some smug scientists who want to get their work done but can’t because the company wants results immediately which they know they can’t so they release it expecting it to follow their commands and they end dying by it, or they get paid enough bank to shovel radioactive Dino poo. I would fall in the latter if I were an UT employee.


Really now? Why not go ask either Jago or Riptor or even both of them for that matter? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing:

It’s the sound of a Tiger’s roar.