Why does frame data never get changed in training?

This has been bugging me for a while. Quite a few characters have prenerf frame data or wrong frame data, such as light and medium fulgore laser having pre nerf advantage. And even more recently, none of arbiter’s frame data on overhead slices have been changed. I don’t know the inner workings of the code, and since I didn’t really know if there was some issue with s1 characters I thought that there might be some really weird stuff going on there. But with even arbiter’s being left untouched I’m quite confused. Especially since his shield frame data has been updated. Is there something going on that’s preventing changes or is it just that no one’s had the time to change it?


I really think it might just be because it’s a pain in the arse.

I think that’s the weakest fxcking excuse though. If you’re gonna have in-game frame data, have correct data or none at all.

I believe the fact that the frame data is incorrect actively hurts the player base, especially new players.

I will say that inaccurate frame data certainly makes testing stuff more tedious than it should be, forcing me to do a lot of trial and error through the entire cast as opposed to being able to draw conclusions based off the speed of a certain option or whatever, because there might be inaccuracies.



@developers Please consider.

Yes I think it is about time.

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They could at least use a disclaimer that says the frame data might have changed. This way when setups don’t work like the frame data says they should, they know why.

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Yeah, it’s a problem, I can’t remember all the changes so this is a problem since going through patches it’s not the best.


I like your idea

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I really wish a dev would come forth amd explain. Why this isn’t a thing

My big source of confusion is that there’s the capability, because arbiter’s shadow shield is changed to -11 but others aren’t. So the explanation is I guess they’re busy. But some things like fulgore date back to 3.3 Surely there must have been the time to fix up the data somewhere between then and now?

Additionally, there’s a lot of small quirks. For example, some of fulgore’s fireballs are 0/0/0, as well as anything between uncharged and fully charged blade dash.

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OMG Fireball frame data throughout is generally stupid.

The sad part is that the frame data is hard enough to figure out with the correct info. As it stands now you would need all the patch update info to keep up with what has changed.

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Are you serious? Frame data is not accurate? It’s getting worse and worse after patches recently.

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Can we get a corrected frame data soon asap please. Really confusing playing when I don’t know what is safe or not…

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