Why does every fighting game have to feature that terrible training stage


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KI training stage is for training. You can’t use it in normal matches so it is fine.


I thought it was purposefully bland so you can focus on what you’re doing and that the grids are there to help with spacing while training.


Yeah they suck. They are cool for actual training but I hate fighting real matches in or watching people fight in them. I am glad KI doesn’t allow this stage to be used in actual fights lol


Yeah but it makes for worse presentation.

Yep, pretty sure the philosophy in the DH days was “We want people use use the beautiful stages we slaved over, not the damn training level” and I thank them for it to this day.


I am with that decision 100%. This game has some of the best stages in current gen fighters IMO, we don’t need to fight in a damn grid lol I don’t even use the basic grid in KI, I always set a background to use haha


If I were to guess the way the training stages are laid out in a grid pattern it likely helps give visual cues to help a player develop decent footsies & judge distances of moves a bit better.

But I’m glad they left it just for training. Personally I hardly ever use training mode. I perfer to use survival, because that way you can learn a bit better how to play your character by getting some taste of basic MUs and develop strategies in actual on-the-fly scenarios.

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They’re OK for training. Personally, I’d prefer some kinda dojo, but like WrathOfFulgore says, the grid apparently is used for reference.

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As others have said, for training without background noise (in a visual sense, obviously) and spacial reference.

Though, being a gamer with kinda crappy eyes, I’ve always been a big fan of the training stages. Nobody blends into the background, I can see everything that’s going on. I came here to fight, not to admire the scenery - which is to say, I’ll always value gameplay over background aesthetics. My opinion is definitely an unpopular one, but it is what it is.

On the flip side though, I can appreciate the idea behind KI’s “no training stage” rule. I’m not here to cry for a redactment either, I can leave the grid to the lab and fight on Devil’s Landing, or the Grotto.

I really really like Devil’s Landing.

To clarify, though: there are other stages with good visual clarity, but my PC is not top-tier and doesn’t load many of them very well.

EDIT: Y’know what’d be really great though, is a toggle for the commotion in the backgrounds. If there was a way to make the stages less busy (mostly for loading purposes), that’d be the bomb-diggity. But, that probably goes along with the no-grid rule, in that they took the time to animate all the smoke and fire and helicopter machine guns and bubbling lava and what-have-you, so we’re by golly going to enjoy it. It just kinda sucks that enjoying Ice Haven or Arby’s stage essentially costs a couple hundred dollars worth of hardware upgrades. Yes, I know that’s a personal issue. I’m not saying it’s the game or teams fault my PC is a dinosaur.

Ice Haven looks so good though…

Why do fighting games like siblings so much?