Why do u play ki?

I personally Uninstalled the game earlier this evening but am curious to know what keeps the rest of u going.

Well, I like it because of the challenge it provides, its ease of access for beginners, its wonderful and growing community, its consistently smooth netcode, its constant monthly updates and bugg fixes, the developer feedback fans receive, its free price-point, the 2-way combo system, the variety of characters, and character balance… I could go on…

Why did you decide to uninstall it?


For me, I have fun learning the characters. With the advent of season 3, I spend a month playing character until I feel comfortable with them, or I reach level 50, then move on to the next one. The cast is diverse enough that it shows me different ways of approaching match-ups. It also helps that I have a local rival that I play matches against weekly.

Oh, and as many will point out: the netcode. And if I don’t feel like playing humans, go into Shadow Survival.

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Because It’s fun.


-Godlike netcode,
-varied roster,
-good balance,
-Godlike netcode
-interesting fighting system
-awesome soundtrack,
-I like the aestethics,
-Godlike netcode
-competent developers that actually care,
-good PC port since day 1, an ancient forgotten art.


This needs quoting and setting in stone somewhere, preferably just outside Netherrealm and Capcom’s respective studios.


Because I like fighting games, and this one is the best.

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Ultra Combo Mickey Mousing.


My Top 5 answers to this question are…

5 - I can.

4 - I like making guys submit to my totally awesome mad skills.

3 - Lollipop Chainsaw isn’t BC on Xbox One yet.


1 - Injustice 2 hasn’t come out yet.

Damnit, beat me to it. But I’ll put it in big letters so mine looks important and original!

Personally, KI is one of the few games I’ve tried to keep installed the entire time I’ve had it. Even if I take a lengthy break from it, I know that later down the line there’ll be something new that I’ll want to try. There are lots of reasons why I love this game.

-Music. The music is awesome, and is dynamically woven into every aspect of the game (including finishers!).

-The characters. So many original and wacky characters, with a huge variety of play styles and personality. Even the guests fit right it!

-Accessibility. From the excellent netcode to the deep but forgiving combo system and the godlike Dojo, KI is a game anyone can start to play and that someone with dedication can find lots of cool stuff. Hell, add the price tag onto this list. $40 for all the stuff in a Season (and now #40 for the entire game) is fantastic compared to the rest of the industry.

-Updates! Holy ■■■■ this game has changed! The roster has more than tripled in size, there’s been A plethora of new modes, all sorts of new customization options, and as of Valentine’s Day we’ll see the triumphant return of ULTIMATES! This is probably one of the biggest reasons ivr stuck around. The game always feels fresh and new and it keeps me coming back!

It’s fun. That’s all you really need.

I love this game because I can get all the thrills and woes, one can expect from a video game, in a couple ranked matches. No need for me to play endlessly… I guess that’s what I like about the fighting game genre. It expedites a great many things about the video game pvp realm.

Because I waited for 22 YEARS!! Well…Maybe 20.

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The roster: most diverse of any fighting game cast. Not many games can match it, though dark stalkers is fairly close. Not only that but the entire KI1 and KI2 cast has returned, which if anything would be a KI fan’s dream!

The Music: Always fun to listen to!

The Gameplay: it’s constant interaction, means both opponents have to keep their wits about them, even when they’re on the offensive and have a foe cornered. It’s challenging and with constant content flowing in, it’ll be awhile before I even stop.

Also because of this ^^^

I play because its constantly rewarding. It also happens to be incredibly fun. Characters all play very interesting and are incredibly likable. Also the netcode is incredible. It offers a decent amount of casual and hardcore modes to enjoy which seems to become a rarity in most fighters these days. Soundtrack is so good i listen to it outside of the game. It also helps that the game keeps getting updates to keep you engrossed in it. I play and have played alot of fighting games in my life and this is one of the best overall imo. Its one of the few games I find myself consistently playing.

Well here’s my reason:

Basically because it’s fun, it’s nostalgic, has interesting characters, amazing net code and godlike music.

Mummies, dinosaurs, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, shadow demons, robots, skeletons, giant golems, gargoyles, ice aliens, human torches.

You get the point.

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