"Why do this?" thread

a thread for asking why people use a certain tactic or enders or something, when something seems better.

Example and the reason why I made the thread

WHY do people try to go through TJ’s last breath? from my understanding, hes full invul until he can block. so why try to go through it when you get no advantage most of the time?

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Well Hisako can teleport and avoid the blast so TJ has to guess on a 50/50 correctly or die. Now for mine,why do TJ players use last breath in the first place? Why do Shago players use annihilation when they can do over 50% damage and drain all of the opponent’s shadow meter?

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Quite literally for advantage: you go through it so that you can put a button on TJ and keep him locked down before he can get his 8 seconds of last breath instinct going. You can whittle away much or all of his instinct time in this manner if you’re lucky, and that’s if you don’t just straight up open him up into ultra. Like, your question is almost “why do people pressure on wakeup? You can’t OTG them, they’re invulnerable until they’re on their feet again when they can block.”

Looks cool and if you land it it’s guaranteed damage.

Why do people double ultra? Why do people send hate mail? Why do people troll? Why do people complain about “spam”? Why am I asking this?


its a little different. because of the shockwave from last breath. I see people shadow through it just to get close, but in a way that leaves them negative or even vs an instinct TJ, which is not a smart idea

Well Hisako can teleport and avoid the blast so TJ has to guess on a 50/50 correctly or die. Now for mine,why do TJ players use last breath in the first place?

some characters I can get it. Hisako. Omen. Arbiter, maybe Raam, but most characters cant do it that well

Yeah, for annihilation it’s a bird in the hand. Yes you can do more damage with an instinct cancelled combo, but realistically what are the chances of you getting the number that high without getting broken?

Oh it’s definitely worth it for raam to go through the shockwave. Charge up the unblockable kryll shield, absorb the shockwave, hit him, dash forward heavy grab for unbreakable damage. Guaranteed dead Tj everytime he doesn’t have meter. (Though i think he can backdash out of it after the second to last patch, haven’t fought a Tj since that change.)

Counter break,pop instinct,fireball into combo of your choice. 50% at least guaranteed damage with 4 bars while draining all of your opponents meter. Just seems better imo.

Took me a while to find this, here’s why.

You have to get a counter breaker…

Why? Killer Instinct isn’t about why! It’s about why not!

Or you can just get a tether. and spam shadow fireballs from full screen…

I used to go through tj, self rez with fulgore’s shadow cyber dash and ruin their day. Now it just passes through him. It was fun while it lasted and quite comical because they never saw it coming. Get ultra’d, IT’S NOT OVER, eat the dash straight into ultra again rofl. “I’d say it’s pretty over”

Once I avoided TJ shockwave by invulnerable frame of backdash. It was with Cinder though so I got far away anyway ;___;

I don’t care about how he gets up - I only care if he tries to do powerline after the fact. If I’m sitting on a bar of shadow meter, he’s dead, because shadow ruin will kill him in a 1-shot. :slight_smile:

A question for the ages.

~40% guaranteed > ~50% potentially, every time.

I guess I’d like to know why mira players go in with HK trephine instead of LK trephine cancelled into shadow bats. IMO it’s much better to spend shadow to get in than big chunks of health, it’s not like she really uses her bar for much else aside from shadow bats/shadow bite.

Mira’s meter management can be challenging. Check out Infil’s analysis of Bass’s sets and even a great player will end up sitting on a lot of meter with her. So you are probably right, but it will take people some time to get her meter use right.

I’m still convinced that someone will show up, (Sleep with Kan Ra style) and just start wrecking people at tournaments with Mira at some point.

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