Why do people like Dark Souls?

I typically like to have fun playing a game, and this one in particular seems hellbent on making sure that doesn’t happen. So if there are any Souls fans out there, please elaborate on why it is you like to torture yourself with this game?

PS: I do love the environments and the creature and character designs are outstanding, I just hate how I won’t be able to see half of it because I’m stuck :cry:

Its not that hard… you just arent used to the way it works. You cant just hack n slash your way… you have to memorize the patterns… bait them to come to you one on one. Its actually easy once you level up a bit.

If you feel to weak then you need to just spend a day or 2 farming in your favorite spot…over and over and over until you get enough souls, shards to level up.

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I’m well aware considering the game’s HUGE following.

When you first start playing its impossible to play,but after you submit to its awkward control scheme you then go on to learn the enemy’s pattern and then you learn parrying and so on and so on after it becomes so natural that its then fun.
It’s the same reason people play all sorts of rogue-like games,it’s the difficulty that makes it appealing then you stay for the great design of it and the builds just like any other RPG.

Are you starting off with Dark Souls 1?
It’s a learning curve, which you must persevere through. Don’t hack and slash, respect your stamina, be disciplined, memorize how you beat an opponent clean and every time you face the same opponent do the same thing. PATIENCE is really important.
The game is closer to a NES-era 2d platformer in the fragility of your character and memorizing patterns than other 3rd person view games.
After you git gud all the DS games will open up for you. It’s not that they’ll be come easy, it’s just that you’ll have the tools to master them.
We can help if you tell us what exactly is giving you problems.

Yeah it’s all about learning enemy attacks, finding the appropriate counters, knowing when to do what, etc. You need the mentality that when you get hit, you learn what you did wrong instead of just brushing it off and going in again. View every death as a learning experience instead of thinking that you’re not making any progress.

There’s a kind of…freedom to it. With a simple set of combat rules that both you and the AI follow (to an extent) and unlimited choice when it comes to choosing how you play (my favorite run involved a stone tower shield and a 12 foot Ultra Greatsword), the Souls games give you the framework to play through it how you see fit. It’s tough, but fair. And it has a water cooler sort of quality where every person who plays it had a different experience, and will pick up certain preference that can vary from game to game.

Plus, the environments are so GOOD! Interwoven passage ways, massive sprawling views, vividly detailed and massive architecture… even the weakest of Souls levels eclipse a lot of the best environments from other games in both form and function. Top it all off with beautiful sound design -whether it be in the ambiance of traveling a dark realm, the thrilling power behind the bosses, or the soothing yet haunting melodies that fill your home base- just listening to a Souls game is an experience.

And as far as the difficulty goes, for many it’s a huge part of the fun. Sure it’s hard at times, especially if you lose a lot of progress, but it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying to break down the wall if you weren’t doing it with your own head. There’s nothing quite as cathartic as beating a tough section in a Souls game. Never before has progress felt so glorious!

People have finished every DS game without taking ANY damage. Everything is choreographed, not chaos.

Just explore everywhere (VERY CAREFULLY), and pay attention to the mechanics in the game (Making sure you use the right weapon types for each enemy), and learn the attacks.

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Sorry for bragging but I passed the infamous two archers in Anor Londo at my 4th try.

And then I lit bonfire but did not wait for my character to sit so checkpoint did not register, then I died and respawned before Anor Londo #idiot

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I played Bloodborne first…played about an hour…didnt “git it”, couldn’t get past the first enemy and took the game back he next day. then I gave it all another shot months later when I played Lords of the Fallen. Now Ive played them all, and Im obsessed with the series from comic books to shirts and novels.
Im so glad I gave it another go and never gave up!

Cause it’s a good game.

:expressionless: Didn’t say it was bad. Just frustrating really

I find most games to be too easy. I always end up having to put it on the hardest difficulty possible. That leads to many frustrating deaths at first but eventually you become neo from the matrix and then you’re like a machine and everything flows so nice. That’s why i like Dark souls, no training wheels you die a lot until you have no choice but to become a badass and use all of the games tools to get by.

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