Why do i need internet to start ki on xbox one?

Makes it hard to run a tournament with no wifi or internet provided

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It has to validate the purchase I suppose. You could always turn your phone into a personal hotspot, then connect the XB1 to it for the purpose of verifying the purchase. I don’t think it would use too much cellular data.

This didn’t always used to be the case, right? I seem to recall me not needing to connect to the internet when I took my xbox to a FG event during S2.

I wonder if S3 and the PC cross-play changed something about this… I sure hope not, though. Especially for a fighting game, you need to be able to play in offline mode.

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Yeah took my xbox one to the arcade woulsnt kinext went to a major for colorado thankngod the mall had free wifi it would not start

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Most times that that happens, it’s because your Box isn’t set up to be your home.

On the 360, you downloaded licensing/rights to whatever box you first downloaded the game. So you could always play the game on that specific console and on any other as long as you were logged into live. On the One, you designate a specific console as your home and all licensing/rights are kosher there without being logged into Live. It’s how you share libraries with friends or family.

Make sure your console is designated properly and you should be fine.

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KI is a digital game so it needs to validate ownership to let you play it. To do that it goes online. I think a way to circumvent this is to set the Xbox One as your home console. A bonus of doing that is that any account on the Xbox One will have access to the account you used to set that Xbox as the home console for.


But… but… I said that already… :cold_sweat:

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Ah sorry didn’t look at your comment in the thread, had only seen the top ones :frowning:

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It’s okay man. I’m just messing with ya! :grin:

I am set to home tho

That mus be an isolatedissue
Sometimes my internet is off and all you have to do is log in to your profile

Logged in everything wont work offline…

Your xbox completely or just the killer instinct game?

So you’re logged into the account and have that xbox set to home, have the latest build and XB1 XDK and you still can’t launch the game when you don’t have an online connection?

I think you have to manually download each character individually for it to be offline (only tested on Xbox One).

No dev as far as I know, has and I doubt, ever will address this issue.

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The only thing I can add is that on PC it always runs a check for DLC every time you start the game, so you do need an internet connection. After it starts, however, you can lose internet connection and not get kicked out.

I wonder if their is a way for the game to run in an offline mode. Possible update?

@TheKeits @rukizzel @TempusChaoti

I have all that installed and done and it wont start unless i have a connection

well it’s certainly a well known issue. At the big Combo Breaker tournament in IG’s own backyard they ended up seeing for themselves that no characters could be used unless they connected the boxes to the internet. They thought they had a plan to counter this but it didn’t work, and all the major players from IG and MS were there to see and know about this problem first hand.

It has always been true that if the Xbox tries and fails to connect to the internet, then KI will not work. But if you go into the settings and put the Xbox One into “Offline mode” then it will run the game no problem. If that is no longer the case then this is a new issue. I would suggest putting it in the bug thread, just to be sure.

EDIT: People are saying a lot of really weird stuff that’s either misinformed or untrue. So, just to clarify my statement:

During Season 1 and 2 it has always worked this way. If you start your Xbox One without an internet connection and try to run the game it will attempt to access the internet to verify your DLC. When it is unable to do that it will launch with all of your content locked. Close the game. Go into settings, networking. Set it to “Offline mode” (or whatever the exact text is). Now if you open up the game it knows not to check online for your save files and it will run the content as it was last saved on your Xbox One. This works regardless of what version you have bought, etc. The devs have spoken about this before. You don’t have to “manually download each character.”

So, if the above no longer works then that is something new to either Season 3 or this last update.