Why do I keep dropping combos?

I mean really, is there a timing thing here in play that I’m not seeing? I’m by no means a good player but I have a firm grasp on pretty much the entire cast, at least I know all their moves and the basics of how to use them but Kilgore? I’m dropping combos left and right, its like his linkers aren’t linking, I don’t know, something wonky going on here.

Some have complained about erroneous DPs forcing them into dangerously dropped combos.

It feels like you have to input and cancel his moves really early.

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I am of the mindset that we ought closely examine our execution and timing before looking to the game in cases like this. More often than not, it proves to be the player simply dropping something difficult.

I will say that comboing and juggling with Kilgore is exceptionally difficult. Comboing in this game is usually pretty easy though…

When juggling off his Lv.4 juggle ender, you gotta input a 6f (in other words, fast) button before the camera corrects itself. What is that about?

His overheat-timer system isn’t much help here either, as Heat can run out mid-move, causing abrupt hangtime loss and juggle drops. It’d be nice if Heat were almost out, to at least let you fire off the entirety of that last move. It’s difficult enough to keep track of Heat during it’s limited time that gets further drained by bullet-moves. It does jive with his lore in a really flavorful way though, so I have very confused opinions on this particular complication.

I dunno. He’s just particularly… difficult, I guess?


I mean I’m just trying to do opener>double>linker>double>ender stuff here, nothing fancy but I just keep dropping combos. Happens on Gargos sometimes too, you know the timing and its basic stuff but it just drops.

Kilgores timing is visually different than other characters especially for his animations after his ball linkers. I don’t know if his actual timing is different than other characters or if the timing is the same but it just doesn’t line up with the visuals (I expect the latter). But you’re not the only one. In our Kilgore mirror both @Dayv0 and I had some unintended resets - and he’s pretty damn good at the game.

I suspect it’s just the weird visuals throwing off your timing.


I really do question whether it’s a player thing or not. With 1 ot 2 attempts in practice mode, I start nailing the linkers I actually want, but it shouldn’t take ANY tries, and still consistently fails in online matches (where lag exists).

Kilgore unintuitive moveset/normals and Fulgore muscle memory were messing with my mind.

Fulgore is my 4th most used character, and to some extent, I drop a lot combos or miss some opportunities because I’m acting as Fulgore, not like Kilgore.

I pressed a lot of times c.mp expecting Fulgore’s c.mp, which has more range. I pressed c.hp expecting Fulgore’s anti air normal, or j.mk for crossups(instead of j.lk) and several other examples.

This problem will eventually dissappear, but for now, it’s a definitive issue for me. Also, Kilgore’s openers (qcf+p and qcf+k) can leave Kilgore very far from his opponent on hit, but he moves forward to connect the auto double, wich seems like a “teleport”, messing my timing sometimes.

IMO it’s not a matter of bugs or motions not working properly. Its just that he has unorthodox animations, and muscle memory is messing with my buttons.

At least in my case. Anyway, all this will be eventually overcome.

But god help the ones who mains Fulgore and wants to sub main Kilgore xD



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Just turn on combo assist to catch your mistakes LOL

I too have had some issues but I blame it on myself trying to mimic Fulgore’s moves set unintentionally.
I have dropped some combos during his chain gun dash linkers out of light ADs. Seems like the chain gun start up is quite long, so it needs to be input really early.

If you are consistently catching the tail end of the window to hit the linkers and doubles (last couple of frames) then online latency might make you drop a few linkers. This has nothing to do with Kilgore but might be exacerbated by his visual cues. Considering that KIs online latency is never more than anframe or two though, frankly it’s just as likely to be a minor variance in rhythm due to your elevated heart rate while playing online compared to in practice mode.

Rollback can (and does) make people ■■■■■ up inputs but, again, that isn’t a Kilgore thing.

EDIT: s crew? C’mon censors…

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Gargos psycho crusher linker recovers very early, so you’re probably inputting it too slow.

The only thing about kilgore’s standard combo sequence stuff that seems unusually tight to me is his shadow linker–you can’t manual from it, and the timing to cancel to doubles or linkers is very early. Beyond that his linkers seem pretty normal–if anything, his linkers are really lenient on timing cancels to doubles.

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Just noticed even Max complaining about the cannonball linkers dropping.

I thought it was just me getting back into the game. Glad am not going crazy.

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Dropping how?

Like the combo just stopping and him saying “Oh, I thought this was a linker” etc.

Both of those are really nonspecific descriptions, do you have video of it happening or something?

No, I don’t but you’re welcome to watch Max’s recent uploads where he’s directly complaining about it.

I’d really rather not. I was watching some of that stream and all I got out of it was that he was complaining about not being able to win with one of the most technical characters they’ve made with no real practice time. Max is a good fighting game player but I’m going to take anything he says with a fistful of salt when he’s playing the game for the first time in months and not giving the character the practice he requires.

My general thoughts on kilgore are that he’s a character that the majority of the playerbase will be unable to consistently win with vs players of roughly equivalent skill. He tests many fighting game skills–reactions, execution, mixups that aren’t “built in,” knowing when to attack with unsafe moves, a technical understanding of the full range of your combo options–and if you’re deficient in any of these areas (as most players are) you won’t get much done. The rewards for mastery are great though, with huge damage off basically any touch and combos with very few chances to break.