Why do I get "sent to the shadow realm" during some enders?

(Don’t ask about the resolution)

Sooo maybe I missed a memo, but why do I go on a cosmic journey during some of my enders? Looks like it’s just during max level enders, but I can’t quite tell. Is this just a visual thing? Freaked me out the first time it happened

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Yep. It was added. Level 4 enders get a new effect. A toggle for it will come in April

Okay, thank you.

Definitely gonna be turning that off.

HAHA me to.

LOL about cosmic journey!

Although the camera is all shakey and zooms in and out, the timing of the whole lvl 4 ender is the same as it was in S2. They said they’ll add the option to turn it off and it should be no problem to have it off while your online opponent has it on.

It was advertised quite a bit pre-launch.

Personally I love it but as it was stated above, there will be a “toggle” for those who can’t handle the journey.

The journey is like taking over-the-top drugs and 100 cc of vicotin while swimming in the water in Aganos Forgotten Grotto stage.